in September i mainly went drag racing

Discussion in 'Sports and Action' started by damianmkv, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. damianmkv

    damianmkv Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Nov 7, 2014
    Surrey, England
    I've been going to watch drag racing since i was around 15 or 16 - nigh on 30 years ago. It appealed to me back then when i saw a Ford Pop running a 502ci engine and running high 8 second quarters - the guy who owned it is 2 years older than me and ran it on the street. This guy now runs a US parts shop and owns a street legal Camaro with 1650bhp and has run 8.18s at 165+mph on street tyres, pump gas and full exhausts. He doesn't compete anymore as the quickest cars ( 7.26s ) are faster ( 208mph )...

    anyway, i digress. With kids now, its not as easy to get the time to spare at the weekend but this month i've managed to go 3 times which is more than i usually go in a season

    shot with e-m1 and 40-150 Pro ( + TC at times ) - apologies for the repetitive composition, its not easy to get different angles at the track

    29563683296_76cbce4673_b. apache by damianmkv, on Flickr

    28971972534_a8f9965ce7_b. pro dutch by damianmkv, on Flickr

    28971972514_a2de340c8b_b. supertwin bike by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29563463606_2f92fe7610_b. hawaiian tropic by damianmkv, on Flickr

    28971972574_9f89d97351_b. micke kagered racing by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29563463786_b2b1b80fee_b. nightime nitro by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29563464036_dcde2a2902_b. rick mccann wheelie by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29517062741_fd35131da9_b. MPM pro stock by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29527907722_07c0f32b22_b. Filippos Papafilippou by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29517062751_1b1c0e132c_b. eyes on the prize by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29321557473_e4720f0b5e_b. warpspeed racing by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29320608884_86236a5087_b. Pro ET 59 by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29307726210_de7a0dac6c_b. bengt ljungdahl by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29563683246_83e78b8e5d_b. kev slyfield pro modified by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29307726260_2d7126c219_b. supertwin racing by damianmkv, on Flickr

    29321856323_640a63e042_b. bobby wallace pro modified willys by damianmkv, on Flickr
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  2. damianmkv

    damianmkv Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Nov 7, 2014
    Surrey, England
    Wow ! This was a surprise, thank you :inlove:
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  3. bjurasz

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    Dec 10, 2014
    Cedar Park
    Nice shots! Drag racing can be as hard (read that: as bad) as oval track racing when it comes to a shortage of interesting angles to photograph from. Really like what you go here. Have you tried walking the garage area and just get pics of people working on the cars? There's a lot of stories to be told behind the scenes at an event like this.
  4. Canonista

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    Sep 3, 2011
    Enjoyed this set. I went to a drag event once with my DSLRs, so I know just how difficult it is to capture these cars as they take off in a blink of an eye. To get panned shots with a m43 camera with EVF blackout must have added to the challenge. I still rely on my 8 year old 40D for Motorsports, but use my m43 kit for paddock photos. I agree with Bill that some garage shots would add the human dimension.
  5. damianmkv

    damianmkv Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Nov 7, 2014
    Surrey, England
    Thanks both. Yes, I always have a walk around the pits but don't tend to take many shots although I appreciate that they would and to the "story/scene setting"
  6. fader

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    Aug 20, 2016
    Brest, France
    Great set of pics. Love the Gen 3 Camaro :D I saw John Force be the first over 300 mph in 1994 at Topeka Heartland. I can still feel the nitro singing my sinuses from that trip. Pit access was a lot different then than it is now.

    Despite now being in France, I grew up in Oklahoma and Texas, where drag racing is second nature and many family members had home built cars. I'll never forget my first test pass down the lonely blacktop behind my Uncle's shop in his Ford Falcon II, packing a heavily massaged Cobra Jet 428 and turning very low low 11's on 100 octane aviation gas. What a rush. The noise was so deafening - not just from the engine, but the mechanical noises from the transmission, drive train, the tires. There's nothin' like it. I spent most of my childhood in a garage, either my father's or family members. Then I moved to Seattle where having a hot rod was a death wish due to the traffic and the perennially wet roads, not to mention the snobbery of cruising Bellevue in my own Gen 3 Z28 with NHRA front plate. Talk about culture shock ...

    Anyhoo - great pics! thanks for sharing them. Brings back a lot of good memories.
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