In photo unrelated news, 3 Storm Chaser die...

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    Remembering Tim Samaras: Veteran Storm Chaser Killed in Okla. Tornado - ABC News

    Storm Chasers Tim Samaras, His Son, and Carl Young Killed In Oklahoma Tornado on Friday —

    My girlfriend is a huge weather nut. She used to watch Storm Chasers on the Discover Network. It was canceled last season. One of the teams the Discovery network followed was the TWISTEX team lead by Tim Samaras. Tim, his son, and Carl Young got caught in a traffic jam of storm chasers when the tornado, moving more easterly, took an abrubt northwest turn and caught many of the chasers by suprise. The Weather channel's Mike Bettes and his team were in a truck that got rolled over on the same strip of road.

    Tornado Hunt Team Takes Direct Hit by Tornado - TWC Crew Injured

    VIDEO: 'Go as Fast as You Possibly Can'

    The above video show the camera getting thrown out the window and shows the truck rolling over and over and the weather channels guys in the truck.

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    Sad news. I read of it this morning.
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