In Northern Virginia on Business...

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  1. chuckgoolsbee

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    Apr 6, 2010
    Bend, Oregon
    ...but I brought my camera for the weekend. Here are the results:


    Park on the Potomac near National Airport. Shot with G1 and 7mm. (yes, that jet is closer than it appears!)


    Union Gun on Henry Hill, Manassas Battlefield. G1 and 20mm


    Where Ramsey fell on the Union line. The widow Henry's house in the background. G1 and 7-14mm (can't recall the FL used here)


    Marker placed by Confederate veterans after the war. G1 w 20mm.


    Guns of the Confederate line. G1 and 7-14mm.


    A wedding party shooting photos at the Jefferson Memorial. G1 and 9mm.


    Thomas Jefferson's Pond Scum. G1 and 12mm.


    "Liberty, Freedom, and Security (Guards)"


    The Jefferson Memorial.


    The Jefferson Memorial.
  2. Narnian

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    Aug 6, 2010
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    Richard Elliott
    Nice shots of my birthplace ;)
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