In-Camera Double Exposure

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    With my Olympus E-PL3 back from repair, I decided to reset everything from scratch and go thoroughly through the Menu to set things up the way I wanted. Doing so I noticed a few features that the camera has - that I have never explored.

    One was the built-in Multiple Exposure option. It is common for me to combine images in layers in Photoshop and so probably have not seen a benefit to it. But it is actually pretty cool and inspiring, and takes me back to my film days of winding the crank on with the little pin pushed down so that the shutter would reset - but the film wouldn't advance.

    It happened that I was sitting on my porch late in the evening tonight, and so just used content that was around me. On a small table between to chairs is a substantial plant planted in a glass vase. Setting the camera to take a Multiple Exposure frame - I aimed at the vase and took a shot - then aimed at a flower on the plant - - - using the overlayed first exposure that showed softly on the screen, to line up the second shot and then fire.

    The results were very interesting and a few (which I'm not showing) are a very useful look that I may use in some portraits where it appears as if the person would be shot through reflections in glass. These could be done in Photoshop - - - but not nearly as quickly - and not with the immediacy of seeing the effect. I enjoyed it.


    Shot with Olympus E-PL3 and 14-42 kit lens. The first shot shows more clearly the vase, with the second more abstract. It was easy to position the plant in the second exposure, to be where I wanted it to be.



    I had just returned from the coffee shop and after noticing the pattern of the weave of the outdoor carpet under my feet - - - I wondered what it would look like combining that as a background for some object (in this case the only thing that was close to me - the cup).

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    funny you mentioned this. I was playing around with my old film camera and thought about having this on a digital camera would be a great novelty item since you can easily do this on post-processing. some of the interesting thing to do (a lot of people used to have fun with) is to take a self-portrait doing different things (different spots) while keeping the same background. try it out, if you haven't
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    That is a cool feature!
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    Not exactly but a double of sorts.