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My local football club, Premier League's Burnley FC, have asked to use one of my images to share on their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter), with a credit for me and links back to my own social media feeds. I'm happy to do it without payment as I am pretty sure I can make more money from print sales off the back of their promotion of my image (I've already had a few enquiries), but I want to do it under license to limit them to just using the image on their social media platforms... I don't want them to be able to print or sell my image without my permission... and that would be a separate agreement!

Do any of my fellow UK photographers have a contract template that they could share with me that helps with the situation above?


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What you are looking for is a limited licence copyright, with the permitted uses specifically listed, and all other uses not specifically listed excluded.

There must be some consideration (money, goods, value) passing from them to you to make the contract binding and valid. See six elements of a contract.

1) offer

2) acceptance

3) valuable consideration

4) legality of objects

5) legal capacity to contract

6) genuineness of consent
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I don't want them to be able to print or sell my image without my permission

Wording I have used in the past goes something like:

"1. License. Photographer hereby grants to Client a non-exclusive, limited license to use the following
work (the "Photos"):

(A). “[name of photo here]”. Photographed on [date taken to further identify the photo] using [imager used e.g. Olympus E-M1] (see Exhibit A)

Client is authorized to use the Photos solely for the limited purposes of a single magazine article to be printed in one issue of [name of mag] magazine and display of same article online. No other licenses are granted including web use or printed material outside of use within the specific article itself.

2. Ownership of Photos. Client agrees that, subject to the rights and licenses granted herein, Photographer is, and will remain, the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest, throughout
the world, to all Photos and any copies of the Photos. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, Photographer reserves all rights and licenses not expressly granted in this Agreement."


"4. Restrictions on Use. Client will not use the Photos for any of the following purposes:

(A). No Standalone File Use. Client will not use the Photos in any way that allows a standalone file or
content file to be downloaded, extracted, or redistributed by others.

(B). No Use in Trademark or Logo. Client will not use the Photos in any trademark, design, logo or
other mark

(C). No Products for Resale. Client will not use the Photos in any goods or products where the Photos
are the primary value.

(D). No Sublicenses. Client will not sublicense the Photos without the prior written permission of photographer."

I am not a lawyer.
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