I'm torn about the HLD-6, I think I like my aftermarket grip better.

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by DeoreDX, Oct 24, 2013.

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    Mar 13, 2013
    One of the things that attracted me to the OM-D when it was first released was the HLD-6 grip. I liked the thought of being able to adapt the size and grip of the camera depending on my wants and needs. I purchased my OM-D used form the forums and it came with an aftermarket 3rd party grip. I have no idea of the brand/make/model of the grip but I was very pleased with it. (And if anyone can identify it please do so!)


    But I wanted the HLD-6 so I bought one as well. I love the HLD-6 when both the landscape and portrait grips are attached. The camera feels great that way. In fact I think the portrait orientation grip is the best feeling hand/grip position on the whole setup. It is very comfortable in the landscape orientation with this setup as well. The problem I have is that I will probably use just the landscape grip a vast majority of the time and I find the hand position and grip of the aftermarket grip much better than the HLD-6 landscape grip.


    The hand position the HLD-6 grip forces you in too in the landscape orientation forces your pointer finger onto the front shutter release. In this hand position I find it difficult to reach the FN2 and record buttons easily. Also my bottom finder is mostly dangling useless off the bottom of the camera. With the aftermarket grip my birdie finger wraps over the top of the grip and my bottom two fingers find solid purchase on the protruding portion of the grip. The bottom right side of the camera nestles comfortable into the meat of the palm and thumb rest really locks the whole assembly positively into your hand. The FN2 and Rec buttons are much easier to access with this grip position. I usually wear a medium sized glove and I think this gives me the most solid feeling grip on the camera. I would imagine someone with much larger hands then me would this grip even more preferable than I do.


    It isn't all win win on the aftermarket grip though. The different hand position that the aftermarket grip gives you does make it more difficult to access the directional arrows and OK button one handed without a slight grip change or bringing the second hand into play to reach them. My preference is easier access to FN2/Rec as I normally two handed shoot so one handed access to the arrows/OK button isn't that big of a deal to me.

    I really want a battery grip but I might not be able to justify keeping the HLD-6 around just for the very rare occasions I would want to use the battery grip. I really only wanted it more for the extra battery life more so than the portrait shooting position. If I did not have the aftermarket grip I think I would love the HLD-6. As it is I might just stick with the grip I have and move the HLD-6 on to a new home to fund some glass instead.