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Jan 30, 2018
Seriously considering moving to M43...and considering the Lumix G9.

I've been a Canon user for years but so tired of the heavy gear.

Will be going on another trip to Africa in May and want to use my Canon gear this one last time but then I think I'm done.

The thing that I'm concerned about is I like to make slide shows (mixed with stills and video) and I usually crop my 3:2 images to 16:9. On the M43 ratio a lot more will be cropped off the top and bottom as to opposed to the sides. But I have no problem with the 4:3 ratio for prints or photo books but for my mixture of stills and video for my slide shows I'm not sure. Don't want to shoot all my stills in 16:9 (I don't think) :thumbsup:

Comments on the G9 as a good choice? Also thoughts on my aspect ratio comments?


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Oct 2, 2012
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Panasonic MFT will allow you to shoot in 4:3 or 3:2 or 16:9 or 1:1 ratios. You could set your G9 up to shoot 3:2 and have it act just like your Canon gear. And you can switch at will, so you can shoot whatever ratio you want for each shot. RAW will always capture the full 4:3 of the sensor, but the JPGs will have the ratio you selected.
Olympus MFT also offers 3:4 ratio, which I like. I think it is from the old Pen days, a vertical 3:4 crop is like the Original Pen's half frames.


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Jul 10, 2014
Vancouver BC
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iLumix, welcome to the forum!
I moved from 35mm film FD Canon to digital P&S, then went to m43. I think you'll really like the results, and really like the reduction in weight. IBIS is a huge plus in this format as well.
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