ILC Noobie's 1st impressions of the GX7 and the E-M1

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    I used to own a Panny LX5 but decided to give it to my brother because I wanted to get an interchangeable lens camera. I rented a GX7 and a Panny 25mm lens and later purchased the Oly E-M1 and the 12-40 f2.8. Here are my 1st impressions about these 2 cameras from a beginner's POV:

    Build Quality
    Both are built well but have different body types. GX7 uses a rangefinder-like shape and the E-M1 has a more traditional DSLR shape. The rear wheel of the Pany feels a bit underwhelming.

    Both are different, but I prefer the Olympus. There are more buttons and everything is within reach. I also like the grip on the E-M1.

    The E-M1 viewfinder is HUGE and I use it a lot more than the Pany one. I was a bit disappointed by the EVF on the GX7. I also liked the location of the Oly EVF but that's just personal preference.

    Different philosophies are used here. The Pany's is logical but long while the Oly's is very different in its organization. For my brain I prefer the menu system on the GX7. I also liked that you can access the entire menu using the touchscreen.

    GX7 wins this one by having a better codec with choices of framerates. However, the video on the E-M1 is not horrible and it does have a mic and IBIS.

    Focus peaking
    I really liked the focus peaking on the Panasonic. It works for both photo and video and it has different colors. Olympus should've given us more choices other than black and white and allowed us to use peaking in the video mode. Nevertheless, the peaking works fine on the E-M1.

    Both are very similar with really fast AF. The E-M1 has faster framerates and higher buffer, especially for RAW.

    Photo Quality
    Both are excellent to my eyes.

    First impressions conclusion
    Both are awesome cameras compared to the LX5. I really like the menu system on the GX7 but I understand different companies have different takes on their menu systems. Personally I think the E-M1 is a bit too expensive but the EVF really is very convincing. All in all I think GX7 is more familiar and has more functions, but the E-M1 is more comfortable to use and has more depth as far as the photo mode. Both cameras are excellent and have positive and negative points.



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