Ideal, easy workflow for minimizing noise (GX1)

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by agentlossing, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Jun 26, 2013
    Andrew Lossing
    I like my GX1 a lot, but sometimes the levels of noise present in photos throws me off - when I shoot jpeg I set NR to -2, as I don't like the smudging that shows up, but it seems like the GX1 sensor outputs a couple different kinds of noise, which (to my inexpert eye) look like a fine-grain luminance noise and a blotchier chroma noise. The luminance noise I don't have a big problem with, but the chroma speckling I'd like to get rid of, without softening the image overmuch.

    I gather, of course, that raw is the way to go, but my copy of LR (2.something) maddeningly doesn't handle the raw files, unless I put them through the DNG converter. Which I can do, it's just a very long workaround to process the RW2 files to DNG and then edit and save to jpeg, all without any automation.

    Does anyone have an easier way? I have a somewhat old computer, so upgrading to a newer copy of LR brings slowdowns and such with it, and I'm also looking to avoid expense (my photography budget is dry at the moment).
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    You need a tool which will smooth the color while preserving the luminance. Separating the image into Lab and smoothing the a and b images, then recombining will do it. As will more automatic tools while do the same thing. I can't recommend a particular software since you say your computer is old, and what I use (darktable) really uses the CPU (and GPU if you have one it can use).

    Also if you are interested in cleaning up noise I recommend you stick with the raw file rather than the jpg. How about trying UFRaw or other standalone RAW converter?