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  1. bigboysdad

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    Rather than hijack another thread I'm currently on, I thought I'd pose the question in a separate one - can anyone point me to a source or have any real world examples demonstrating the difference between the 3 point and 5 point IBIS. I understand that there must be some kind of noticeable difference in the images but haven't been able to see any evidence of this on the web.
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    Sep 21, 2013
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  3. bigboysdad

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    Aug 25, 2013
    Sydney/ London
    That's fantastic, thank you.
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    You mean 3 and 5 direction IBIS? The difference is if you moved the 3 direction IBIS it can't handle but the 5 direction IBIS can, the 3 direction couldn't compensate for it while the 5 direction could!

    It's like asking the difference in driving a rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, and four wheel drive car in dry conditions. If you're not told which type of car you're driving, you won't notice a difference, that is until conditions change which favors one drive type over the other.
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    Oct 13, 2013
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    I forgot that I had the EM-1 at iso 100 instead of auto iso, so I took this picture half as^%#ed. 1/2 second exposure

    P1040031.jpg by savingspaces33, on Flickr
  7. speedandstyle

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    That is one SCARY :eek:  minivan!
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