IBIS and adapted zooms

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by Klorenzo, Apr 8, 2015.

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    I recently picked up a beautiful tamron 70-210/3.5 to use with an E-M10. It works great with an adapter with tripod attachment and is good even adding the Olympus B300 1.7x teleconverter. Still have to try the focal reducer :)

    My problem is: how do you deal with the IBIS focal lenght with a zoom? Do you keep changing it? Do you set it to something in the middle? Turn it off?

    And then: what do you think is better when your lens is something like a 714mm? Better set it to 600 or 800? I suspect the best answer is just to try but maybe there is something about IBIS al super-tele that I can learn.

    EDIT: IBIS wants the actual focal lenght, so 357mm for the TC, then probably 400mm is the best option (got confused with the numbers).
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    Good questions. My guess is that you could switch it around for each focal length, perhaps every 10 or 20 mm. That seems a bit of a pain. I have a Nikon 28-85 and 80-200mm I can adapt to my EM5 or EM1. I think that I might test it and see. You would think that setting the focal length at a longer setting would be a better option as it would allow for more compensation....but then is that too much? Up until now, I've only used primes, so switching out focal length numbers was a non issue.
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    I don't shoot a LOT with adapted zooms, but I have done a bit. My personal (admittedly lazy) approach was just to set the IBIS at whatever focal length I thought I would be shooting at the most and leave it there. Often this is at one end of the other of the focal range of the lens depending on the situation.

    I guess if you're taking time to set up a shot at a particular focal length it makes sense to set the IBIS correctly. But then that sort of fiddling is a bit antithetical to the entire concept of using a zoom lens IMHO. I also suspect that the focal length setting doesn't make a tremendous difference in the IBIS although I haven't done any testing to prove that.
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    Jun 9, 2011
    I remember once switching from a 135mm adapted lens to a 28mm without switching the ibis focal length. As I recall, the picture showed some motion blur, which I hadn't expected given my shutter speed due to the sensor moving around.

    So if you want to set one length and leave it, I would choose the short end, with the expectation that it would not work as well at the long end, but might still help a bit.

    Best option would be to change it on the fly though.