Amin Sabet

Apr 10, 2009
Boston, MA (USA)
This is the start of a regular feature where, from time to time, we'd like to highlight one of our many talented members on the main home page of mu-43.com.

Over time we'll be featuring many different members who contribute so much in the forums. Some of the features may take the form of an interview, others just a straight post. Either way, I hope everyone enjoys getting to know some of our regular posters in a bit more depth.

All of these threads will be located in our Featured members forum, so feel free to carry on the conversation there :thumbup:.


Ian Lloyd-Graham, known here as Iansky, is located in The Cotswolds, UK.

Ian previously worked for the US Government in West Berlin for 11 years as a photojournalist. He returned home in 1991 after documenting the fall of the Berlin Wall and associated events, visits from numerous heads of state including the Queen of Great Britain, Ronald Reagan and George Bush senior, as well as numerous US Secretaries of State and Senators. He continued as a working photographer until 2001, using all formats from 10x8 to 35mm. Ian now views photography as a hobby and means of relaxation and has converted over to digital cameras ranging from compacts to digital rangefinder.

You can find see more of Ian's recent work, which he describes as a collection of digital images using compacts/DSLR's and digital rangefinders purely for his own relaxation and non-commercial purposes from May 2007 to the current time, at his blog: http://www.ianskyphotosite.blogspot.com/

Several of Ian's many wonderful photographs shared here at mu-43.com are attached below.


  • Glos Cathedral.jpg
    Glos Cathedral.jpg
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  • New Years Freeze.jpg
    New Years Freeze.jpg
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  • Stormy Sea Front.jpg
    Stormy Sea Front.jpg
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  • Franed Relic.jpg
    Franed Relic.jpg
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Jan 13, 2010
Near "Playland" outside of NYC, NY, USA
Ian and his work are the perfect start off for what promises to be a very inspiring and thought provoking new forum.

My thanks to mu-43.com for presenting us with this wonderful new addition and to Ian Lloyd-Graham AKA Iansky for becoming such an active contributing member. Iansky's work featured in one of the random collections across the top of the forums is a big part of what first drew me in here.:cool:

Brian Mosley

Administrator Emeritus
Dec 15, 2009
Thank you Ian, for being an active part of our thriving community. I hope that you will enjoy contributing to our new member's only Photo Clinic - I'm so excited that we have such accomplished and experienced Photographers on-board to make this the home of m4/3rds!

Well Done, and very best wishes :bravo-009:



Mu-43 Hall of Famer
Dec 26, 2009
The Cotswolds, UK
Thank you for the honour

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Amin, Brian, Don and all the other members of this forum for firstly honouring me by making me the first featured member (head is swelling rapidly with pride).

I have found in this site a mix of like minded people with a real mix of experience but all with the same desire to learn and improve their skills.

Photography is a skill that has no bounds and part of the enjoyment comes from the continued evolution of the art combining a mix of abilities, equipment and knowledge that grow with us as we learn from others.

This site offers a mix of members with varying degrees of knowledge and skills they are willing to share that with all, this makes the difference between a very good and a mediocre site so we should all be grateful to the creators and moderators for their skill, desire and dedication that will benefit us all.

Long may this site continue and grow and have members willing to help all.

Thank you,

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