I should just ignore them, right?

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by SRHEdD, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Stumbled upon a "demo" E-P5 silver. My experience with refurbs/demos has been with Oly (perfect) and Cameta Camera (also perfect). This one showed up with a few very minor marks on it though (from another company, albeit a reputable one). A couple on the bottom, a couple around a strap lug, and a couple around the front ridge of the flash. At $699, it is a lot of money to me, but still $200 cheaper than a new one. This has full warranty. I know I'm TOO particular with my equipment (a known fault). I should ignore the marks and get on with shooting (with $200 saved), right? In my experience, most would sell this as LN, maybe LN-.

    Get over it, right? $699 is too good to pass up.

    The silver body is beautiful, BTW.
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    If these bodies held any reasonable value after a few years, then it might be worth worrying about. But, most of them retain very little value in a few years, so unless you are specifically planning on selling it some time soon, use it and enjoy it. I generally take really good care of my equipment, but I am sure that there is little resale value in my E-PL2, so I might just use it in foul weather when I do not want to subject my primary body to potential problems.

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    "Demo" may not mean the same as Oly's "reconditioned" or Cameta's "refurbished," which are inspected and repackaged at an Oly factory. When I se "demo" I think of the one in the store that every customer and clerk played with.
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    I'd buy refurb (I have many times), but I wouldn't buy demo...a refurb is usually a minor thing, box crushed, customer returned it, etc. A demo got heavy use and abuse for months in the store.
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    True, it would be good to clarify what it means to be a "demo". But then again, it has a full warranty. Do you know the shutter count?

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    Steve, it it was me - I'd ignore the cosmetic issues if the mechanical/electrical bits and pieces work.

    Shutter count is a legitimate concern - but unless it was REALLY high I wouldn't worry about that either. Have you ever worn out a shutter?

    However, that's just me - I don't intentionally bang my kit about but minor blemishes, scrapes, or even dings that don't impinge upon the mechanical bits don't bother me. If such things bother you to the point of reducing the pleasure of using the camera then perhaps the $200 is too high a price to pay.

    On the other hand, perhaps using a demo is just what you need to cure the "fault" of being particular (I don't know that I'd consider it a "fault"); having a camera that is already scratched may give you unexpected freedom in using the gear. After all, it's already scratched so there's no need to worry about it, right? :biggrin:

    Many years ago a friend of a friend bought a brand new triple black Ford Thunderbird for his wife. It was a beautiful car (I had one in red/white, but hers was a convertible while mine was a hard top). His wife was reluctant to drive the 'bird; when he asked her about it she confessed that she was afraid that she was going to scratch the paint.

    He went to the garage, took a quarter, and ran the edge along the paint, effectively "keying" the paint job.

    Returning to the house he told his wife "NOW you can drive the thing. That's what I bought it for."

    (Absolutely true story, no need to give or take a lie or two :biggrin:).

    I think (just my 2 cents) that you should enjoy the new camera and ignore any blemishes.


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    I'd agree...though I doubt Olympus demo's get near the mileage as a Canikon, considering most sales people don't push them anyway.

    to OP. A few minor cosmetic dings seem reasonable for $200 savings w/ warranty.