I just returned from a Landscape work shop

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    I have not been a landscape photographer, but I have been a street photographer. This past month I had the chance to attend a landscape workshop in the N.C. mountains. While I knew my camera, this was really something very new for me to shoot.

    <img src='http://cdn.c.photoshelter.com/img-get/I0000Vd70TdDBJkk/s/500/I0000Vd70TdDBJkk.jpg' />

    We arrived at an apple orchard on the Blue Ridge Parkway before dawn, and after shooting the sunrise, we worked our way down the slopes of the orchard. Now I shoot with a Panasonic G3 which is a mirco 4/3 format camera. I shot with Nikon for over 40 years, but because I shoot mostly street, I went with a smaller camera system. I brought 4 lens to the workshop, but used only two of my lens, the 14-45 mm and the 45-200 mm zoom lens. In 35mm terms theses would be a 28-90 mm and a 90-400 mm lens. Everything was shot using a tripod and cable release, except the time I forgot my cable release. The G3 had a touch screen as well as a EVF. I set the focus to spot focus and it zooms into the image so you can set the cross hairs right on what you want to focus on. On one outing I left my cable release at the lodge, and found that I could use the touch screen, with the timer set, and it would focus, and then wait until the set time set off the shutter. I keep finding things new about my camera, and that is why keeping the same camera instead of buy a new one all the time is a good thing. Learn the equipment that you already own, and get the most you can out of it.
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    Tell us more about the workshop Chuck: what company led/organized it? How many folks attended? How much did it cost? How long did it last? What kind (brand) of cameras did your fellow workshoppers have/use?

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    T.I.O. (Try it our)

    The event was held at Wildacres, N.C. We checked in at 4:00 p.m. Monday, and checked out right after breakfast Friday morning. There were 10 classes of several different art and\or craft classes, of which landscape photography was just one class. All together there were 10 classes with up to 10 students each. The cost per person was $310 and that included 11 sit down meals (and they were great meals let me add). Now I came with my wife, but if you are by your self, they will match you with a room mate for the week, or you can pay extra for having a room to yourself. So for us it was $420 and my wife took a class in jewelry and I took the photo course.

    Wildacres is a non profit. On its web site it states: " Wildacres retreat is a conference center offering its facilities to non profit groups conducting educational or cultural programs on topics such as music, art, science, religion, lapidary, craft and writing."

    This was only their second T.I.O. (Try it out) week that they have had, and some of the classes were not full. I would go to their web site and see what other offering that they had. I was shooting with my G3 and the 14-45 and 45-200 zoom. Several had no more than a P&S, while others had DSLR from Nikon and Canon. My class had 11 people and one instructor, Kelly Culpepper of Charlotte, N.C. The students came from as far away as Florida and Canada.

    Kelly has another class that will be held there during the fall color. It will have more instructors and is going to cost a lot more, but I would go to his site to see what is being offered. It will cost less than $1,000 including room and food.

    carolina captured photographic workshops, or look up Kelly Culpepper photography.

    By the way, this isn't a hotel. The rooms are clean, the staff is wonderful, and the food is great. The rooms do not have locks but you can lock your room at night. There isn't any T.V., internet, and almost no phone connections, though there are a few spots where you can reach the outer world. I go there with several other people twice a year as a member of Senior Scholars of Charlotte. We go in May and Aug each year. I have a collection on my web page that is going to be just Wildacres and what we do when we go. I am working on part of that right now.

    For other events at Wildacres go to their web site.

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