I have been gone for a while, but I am back.

Discussion in 'Street, Documentary, and Portrait' started by Chuck Pike, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Chuck Pike

    Chuck Pike Mu-43 Veteran

    Apr 3, 2010
    Charlotte, NC.
    I shoot street and have been active just not here. My newest camera is the Panasonic GX7 which I love. I shoot a lot in Charlotte, N.C. uptown using the Panasonic 14mm lens. We just had a street festival called Taste of Charlotte. These are from uptown, and one was shot at the festival (popcorn sale), one shot on my way going home (street person asking for money) and the two men talking on the street was from earlier in the month. I set my lens between f/2.8 and f/4 and ISO at 400-800. The camera is set for stealth and several times now, people mistake the GX7 for an old film camera. So that also makes them feel that I am not a person that they need to worry about taking a photo.

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  2. Dean Nguyen

    Dean Nguyen Mu-43 Regular

    May 17, 2015
    Nguyễn Thành Nam Nguyễn
    Nice B&W shots. Same I am, I love using Lumix 14mm f2.5 in variety situations especially in streetlife photography although my friends said that 25mm - 35mm on M43 is more suitable for streetlife. :)
  3. Chuck Pike

    Chuck Pike Mu-43 Veteran

    Apr 3, 2010
    Charlotte, NC.
    I really like the PL 25, f/1.4 lens due to its faster focusing. Both lens work for me depending on what I plan on shooting. If I could only have one lens it would be the 25mm but I have both and often carry both with me.
  4. T N Args

    T N Args Agent Photocateur

    Dec 3, 2013
    Adelaide, Australia
    call me Arg
    The first one could be the subject of a Caption This competition. :2thumbs:
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