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I can't see...gimme a G2

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by Streetshooter, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Streetshooter

    Streetshooter Administrator Emeritus

    Dec 15, 2009
    Phila, Pa USA
    This is killing me but I can't solve the issue any other way.
    I am selling my beloved Pen1 with the 17mm to a friend. Then I am getting a G2.
    Why, glad ya asked. The screen is killing me in bright light. I use the Pen2 more and with that I have the choice of the finder or not.

    For me, that changes the form of the camera to something I don't like to much. Ok, so if the form is what I have to deal with, why not get the true form of the G2.
    I will adapt and overcome and finally love the G2.
    Any of youse have a suggestion to what I'm about to do?

    John has been helpful in this decision as he is a happy camper for the 2nd time.

    I will be selling the lens that comes with it as I don't need it.

    It'll be posted soon.
    Any thoughts for a crazy shooter...
    Let's get it out in the open....

    A very dazed and cunfused shooter.
  2. Malo1961

    Malo1961 Mu-43 Regular

    May 17, 2010
    The Netherlands
    Don't feel confused, Shooter. I did exactly the same, a month or so ago.
    The E-P1, as beautiful as she is needs to be used without any viewfinder.
    To keep intact that form as intended. Putting the EVF on it kills that.
    Notwithstanding the outstanding quality of the device. I choose the G1 as the replacement. That articulating screen in combination with the built in EVF makes it a very sweet package. I can/will do without video or touch screens, hence the G1.I am sure you will learn to love the G2. Probably much sooner than expected. :wink: And giving the Pen a good home makes it less difficult too, I guess.

    Good luck and light to you and your new companion.
  3. blue

    blue Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 1, 2010
    I chose the G1 over the Olys purely on ergonomics. I found it virtually impossible to keep a good hold on the flat PEN shape, whereas the G1 sits in the hand so nicely and the screen is great. My ideal would be the G1 shape with the Oly innards, I like their JPEG output better. It will be intersting to see how you find that when you start using your G2.
  4. m43user

    m43user New to Mu-43

    Jul 28, 2010
    had the same choice to make, lastly, i chose the G2 afterall. also, the G2 handles better. Though the olympus Jpegs are better right out from the camera but i figure there's always Photoshop + Lightroom 3. lol
    i am sure you will like your G2.
  5. Streetshooter

    Streetshooter Administrator Emeritus

    Dec 15, 2009
    Phila, Pa USA
    Thanks youin's,
    I had a G1 for a spell. Hated the form loved the camera.
    I sold it to get the Pen2. Reason? I wanted 2 cameras with the same interface.
    Now that my meds are working again, I realize that the G2 will suite me just fine.

    Yeah, yeah... That screen and tilting....at my age it's sexi...
    Can I say that? ....hmmmmm
    Anyway it's about a done deal.
    Oh, the jpeg output from any camera means nuttin' to me...
    I like it raw....
    Something else I tuned into....
    I searched my LR catalog and I found many good images were done with the G1.....
    So now it's off to the shop and get the new camera.

    Here's how to do this.....
    First bring home a rose for Mrs Shooter....
    Make dinner reservations at her favorite Russian eatery.
    Sneak the camera into the eatery....
    Make a few photos of her and explain that I got the camera to make Good Photos of her....
    Not like the ones from the other camera....
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  6. Stephen Geis

    Stephen Geis Mu-43 Top Veteran

    May 13, 2010
    Charlotte, NC
    Started with a GF1 (no EVF), added a G2 to the stable about a month ago and didn't really realize how many shots I was missing / mis-composing without the finder until I played around with it. This is really a good camera (ergonomically and function wise). I think the one feature you'll really appreiate is the manual focusing magnification on the thumb-wheel (not well placed on the E-P2, not sure about other Oly's).

    I know what you mean though ... based on your comments and others on here, I picked up a second-hand black E-P2 (no EVF) from here two weeks ago and fell in love with the styling - especially with LTM and M lenses - and the OOC jpegs.

    The retro look of this kit beats the Panasonics, hands down ...

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  7. Malo1961

    Malo1961 Mu-43 Regular

    May 17, 2010
    The Netherlands
    Do they still fall for that, these modern times? :wink:
    Must practice my technique then.... Last time I tried that move, I tried to sell her my newest toy, a FA 100 Macro. " Look at the detail of your beautiful blue eyes", I said, letting her chimp at a head shot on the screen of my K10D. :eek: 

    I slept on the couch for two weeks :confused: 
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  8. Streetshooter

    Streetshooter Administrator Emeritus

    Dec 15, 2009
    Phila, Pa USA
    I never said she'd fall for it.
    That's just a dream. Czar Tanya knows all and sees all...
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  9. Malo1961

    Malo1961 Mu-43 Regular

    May 17, 2010
    The Netherlands
    In that case.......I wish you sweet dreams.:smile:
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  10. LeeOsenton

    LeeOsenton Mu-43 Button Clicker

    Jun 25, 2010
    Hayes, Virginia, U.S.A.
    Lee Osenton

    Look at it on the bright side... micro4/3s don't take up much room on the sofa :biggrin:

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  11. ajramirez

    ajramirez Mu-43 Veteran

    Jan 16, 2010
    Caguas, Puerto Rico

    I would also be curious to learn how well you get along with your new G2. I have been toying around with the idea of getting an E-P2 as a companion to my E-P1, just because of the ability to use the EVF. However, it seems to me that maybe the G2 is a more integrated solution. In addition, it appears to be cheaper than the E-P2 when you add the VF-2. I also shoot RAW exclusively, so JPEG quality is irrelevant to me.

    Best of luck with your new camera.


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  12. Brian Mosley

    Brian Mosley Administrator Emeritus

    Dec 15, 2009
    Don, your timing is a bit off :wink:

    Ah well, easy come - easy go :biggrin:

    Can't fault the G1 really, I just prefer the Pen form factor... actually the eye level finder is only used for special occasions... I like to see the scene coming together while composing with the LCD.


  13. Streetshooter

    Streetshooter Administrator Emeritus

    Dec 15, 2009
    Phila, Pa USA
    Thanks all.... The deed is done.
    Tanya looked at the camera and said...."I'm hungry, let's eat". That's my wife for ya....
    Could care less.....

    Brian, I too like seeing the scene around the frame.
    I'll get it... My R4S is similar.
    It's exciting to have to learn a new camera. It also forces on to not be complacent. I think I'll be ok....
    Besides, I still have the Pen 2.....
    That ain't never going anywheres....

    Thanks again all.... Images to follow shortly.....
    Geeze, I'm really lucky to have Tanya...
  14. john1027

    john1027 Mu-43 Veteran

    Mar 5, 2010
    Alexandria, VA USA
    Absolutely right on the jpegs but at least on the mac, the recently released raw update and conversion settings seem to be rending very good results that don't need too much pp at all. At least that is what I've found so far.
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