I Am Paralyzed: Fight or Flight - Legacy Telephoto

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    I am a ranch manager on a 20k acre ranch in deep SW Tejas. We have three miles of live ( kinda running [of late] ) water. ie bird and wildlife central. I enjoy shooting wildlife and obviously have abundant opportunities. :smile:

    My photography urge is high these days. It ebbs and flows if you know what I mean. It's been slowly building last couple of years and if past performance is an indication I will get a couple years out of this 'photo maximum'. Plus my times of changes are behind me and I may stay with this job and this location till I croak. I'm 62. I'm over 20 miles from the nearest wide spot in the road and 4 hours from a city. What else am I gonna do out here besides work, hunt, fish and photo? :cloud-9-039:

    So much for the intro. I really like m4/3 and will likely stay with it. But my history is one of changing formats, tools, and approach readily in response to the quarry. Right now I need long glass for the critters.

    Lately I have been bugging resident denizens by PM who are doing amazing work with m4/3 and big legacy telephotos to get their perspective on the genre. I spent two days immersing myself in the market place and am ready to strike at a moments notice. $2K? Phaa! You can't take it with you and I am footloose and fancy free. Kindasortamostly. :thumbup:

    But something is not letting me pull the trigger. I already have figured out that it is a safer bet to invest in a better example of the required lens: Canikon 400mm or 500mm manual focus so that in the event the bottom drops out of my wanna, I can sell it easily. Or say I get so into it I decide to sell my boat and buy a Nikon D800 and 600mm AF lens to go with it. :biggrin:

    Part of what has me treading water is my fear that I won't be able to focus the old stove pipe. I understand telephoto photography. Heavy Gitzo, gimbal head and patience already in the garage. Some experience banked.

    The other thing hesitating my mind I guess is the unknown. What am I missing? Although given my plan to buy a good piece that I can remarket with most likely only the hassle of fleabay ... PITA that it is ... still I feel I must be overlooking .... something. :confused:

    For anybody wanting to chime in: I'm pretty sure 400mm is enough for me. I have my ways of getting pretty close to our fauna out here. Also I've already decided that if a m4/3 shooter wants to go this route it is a waste of time to mess with any legacy glass of the second or third order ... given my readiness to risk capital and having no great care as to cost . ( Before you judge me know that I spend money on living rather than health insurance and yes I know that this may kill me. Meh! ) i.e. I'm not of the 1%. :cool:

    As an aside: I wonder if legacy telephoto shooting with m4/3 cameras might deserve its own niche somewhere hereabouts ?
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    Give the Canon FDn 300 f2.8L + the 1.4X FD convertor a try. I think the flourite elements offer some advantages for MFT shooting. I see clean examples < $1K often.

    If you are really itchy to stimulate the economy (someone's economy) the Leica Telyt 280mm F4 APO and matching APO converter can be acquired. . .as they say: "if you have to ask how much you aren't really in the market".
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    You have the Oly 75-300. How is that working (or not) for you at 300mm in the use case you have for a telephoto?
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    Check my gallery shots. Just messing about and practicing but it gives you an idea. :smile:

    600 mm is enough but f/6.7 is decidedly not.
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    Yes. I have seen several Telyt offerings that are very tempting but that narrow barrel and their tall f stops warrant caution. :smile: They sure look good though.
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    I dunno 280mm or even the 250mm at F4 isn't that bad, specially for the size. Plus in my experience with a f3.5 at 210mm with birds, it can sometimes be hard to get them in sharp focus, specially if they are in flight. It's a bit easier to get a sharper shot at f5.6 or even f4.5 imho. But, then again I am shooting in day light/full brightness.