I am paco from spain

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    Well my name is Paco I am from La Línea de la Concepción , Cádiz SPAIN , GIBRALTAR with and consider myself an amateur photographer .
    My first serious camera was a Canon T90 Gibraltar buying a 50mm 1.2 ( if you read that right ) and a Canon 70-300 zoom both. A lot of money back then but we are clearly talking in '89 if I remember correctly , no responsibilities no children, no family .....

    He ****ed me on a trip and I bought a Canary EOS5 canon too.

    In started with a DC260 digital kodak, that replaced a Sony F707 and it was beginning to be usable as a camera ...

    From there a canon rebel 300D , then a canon D20 also ..... but when I went to change it and tried the 50D did not convince me ........

    And tried the nikon D90 and ... A sell any fees and buy the D90 with 18-200 vr

    now it work photographed for my religious images and landscapes peoples.

    And entertainment I have been doing photo trips and weekend outings , my children and my wife loves it.

    Well before the bag had two goals the camera flash but over the years I become more lazy and ended up carrying the camera with a lens and therefore opt for the 18-200

    Still camera with that goal weighed a lot and have been taking increasingly less
    To top the last trip I made to Barcelona a couple of months ago I took a Canon sx50 and made some pictures of the sea acceptable ... that came out a buyer for the d90 and sold ....

    I stayed with the purpose and sb900 flash

    My nephew does the fellowship this year and has asked me to do a story for a book .....
    And here I started again with the bug ...

    I've been looking at a D7100 with a failed attempt to purchase eglobal ... I'm waiting for me back in cash after 3 weeks .....

    And I 'm rethinking the whole issue and why I have come here to thank fellow members and ojodigital Nikonistas friends who told me the exixtencia of such cameras ...
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    Welcome to the forum, Paco!