Humpback whale in the bay of Akureyri - Iceland

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    Jan 18, 2015

    I really tested the weather sealing of my Em1. I was supposed to go out on open water from Husavik but it was to windy. In Akureyri the waters are more protected in a bay. A little more wind and not even they had gone out.

    Its hard to tell but this first shot is me taken by my GF from upper deck where everybody beside i was standing. When they saw a whale they picked up the speed and when that was against the waves i got totally drenched. If i didn't had got good clothes my underwear would have been soaked with arctic water. When the boat lay still it was ok.


    I had the Em1 w 40-150 2.8 completely unprotected, just shielding it with my body when i got showers but it got soaked as well, i constantly wiped the front of to be able to take shots. Poor conditions to shoot in to say the least.

    I wouldn't recommend this condition for the camera but it came out ok. A little longer and i would have risked the sensor. I cleaned it by holding under a water tap right after the trip and roughly dried it of. Several hours later a took the lens of and it was a little dried saltwater pass the sealing but now i cleaned it up more carefully. But considering it was pretty amazing that it could handle that, the showers that hit was much harder than when i take a regular shower...



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    Jan 18, 2015
    Some more shots from Iceland..

    The waterfall is with my Ricoh GR..




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