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    Spent a couple of hours this morning photographing hummingbirds - this has been on my bucket list for a long time. A friend of mine has a feeder setup and we added some flowers around it along with four strobes, and then waited...

    The "Behind the Scenes" shot - he's shooting with a Canon 6D + 100-400. I used my GX7 + 100-300. I haven't seen what he captured and I'm sure they're very good, but I think my little m4/3 rig has presented itself quite well. I'll post some more as I get them processed, and some of his best just for comparison. Most of my shots were from 200mm - 250mm, exposure was 1/320s @f11 ISO 200. Even though sync speed is 1/250s the black banding was so slight and it just blended in with the background, giving me just a bit more drop in ambient. The strobes were set on 1/8 power to keep the flash duration really fast.

    The setup

    Eddie and his HUGE 6D + 100-400

    My keeper rate was actually pretty good. Catching them in flight was hard but I got a couple, on the perch with their wings stretched out just taking off was pretty easy.

    Here's a couple of more... The colors on these little birds is just amazing, nearly luminescent.



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