Humber Street Sesh, pt I, The silent disco

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    This is from the Humber Street Sesh, a 1 day free music festival in my city, Hull, featuring 160 local bands.

    This is the 'Silent Disco'. Whats an old codger like me doing in a disco, you might ask... well it was free, and I was curious.

    A Silent disco has the music delivered via headphones, with the choise of 2 different DJ's, so not everyone is dancing to the same music, the strange part is, is when you take your headphones off...

    Anyway i will post this as part I, part II will be street shots and part III the artists

    All taken with GX1 p14 lens and inbuilt flash












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    From your pictures I can see several reasons an old codger like you might be at a disco. Carry on.