Hullo. Northumbrian.

Ulfric M Douglas

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Hullo, I've just registered here since I may be posting a bit : asking about converting lenses, finding adapters and suchlike.
I got myself an e-bay Oly e-410 last year which really came to life when I stuck a cheap Cosinon 50mm/1.8 on it (from Hexham car-boot fair) and re-learned to manually focus. Brilliant.
Now we got a spanking new Oly e-600 : very good thing! Huge bargain!
...and I'm getting a Panny G1 off e-bay in a week or so : for which I'll be wanting old lenses.
That's the story so far.


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Hello and welcome Ulfric, we'll be looking forward to hearing how you like your G1!:biggrin:

Brian Mosley

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Hi Ulfric, and welcome to the forum!

I had a split focusing screen fitted to my E-400 to work with Hexanon legacy lenses - but m4/3rds is a fantastic fit for working with classic legacy lenses. The G1 has an excellent grip for using with larger heavier lenses.

Let us know when your G1 arrives!



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Welcome Ulfric
I can say that I have been to Hexham, yes all around that part of England and thoroughly enjoyed it...beautiful ccountry that you live in!!



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Wellcome Ulfric. I own an E400 with adapter for om lenses, but I prefer the ep1 interface :smile:


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In past history the good people in that area of the UK were "raped and pillaged" by the Vikings

I'm saying no more

Welcome Ulfric

Ulfric M Douglas

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My G1 was delivered by the postman just as I was leaving on a job : I had time to get it out of the box, stick the lens on and that's it.
When I got home I was immediately out in the garden taking boring photos of bits of wood with my e410, e600 and G1 : I must say of them all the G1 -just- edged it on detail resolution.
Hey it focuses really really well!
As for colours : with multi-film 'bracketing' of colour/contrast settings I'm impressed!