HS Musical w/ E-M5 mk2 - Help?

Discussion in 'Filmmaking' started by jgmankos, Mar 11, 2016.

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    Apr 9, 2012
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    Ok...need some advice here. Let me preface it with this...I'm by no means a video guy.

    My daughter is involved with the high school's theater program. Normally every year they make a DVD of the production and offer it for sale. For whatever reason, this year they're not doing this. This is her Junior year and the first time she has a fairly sizeable role and I'd like to try and get her some kind of decent video of the production. They have a 'Parent Preview' night where they allow photography and video and I can set up there on a tripod.

    So, what I have is an E-M5 Mark II which is what I was planning on using. I do have some questions about using this camera to make sure I'm prepared since I'm totally new at this...so anyone who's shot video with the E-M5 II and can chime in I'd appreciate it.
    • How long will I get out of a battery charge? I have several batteries, but having it run out mid-scene worries me. These shows usually have 2 acts that are about 45 minutes to an hour long each.
    • What size card would I need to get an hours worth of HD video on (assuming I'm changing cards at intermission)
    • I have the 14-140 II and the 12-50 at my disposal. Would anyone recommend either one? I almost am leaning towards the 12-50...I beleive for this production it should be long enough and I like the power zoom for smoother zooming for video.
    I did pick up a Takstar shotgun mic since I figured the on-board mic wouldn't cut it.

    Anything else I should be considering (besides, of course, paying someone to do it, which I'm not gonna do). I figure some video for her to have is better than none, but I want to do as good as I can for her.

    Any thoughts, or anything else I should be taking into consideration?

  2. tkbslc

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    I'm not an expert, either, but I'm pretty sure that the max clip length is 30 mins. You may want to start and stop between each scene.
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  3. Steven

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    May 25, 2012
    I don't know if you are aware of the very cool electronic zoom-in feature Olympus has during video. You press the function 2 button and it lets you pick area to zoom into. press again and it zooms in. Press again and it zooms back out.
    I think you have the right idea with 12-50 zoom.
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