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    HOWDY One of the best Spirit flights.

    Some of the instructions from the lead attendant:

    "Flying from Fort Lauderdale to Detroit ... If you aren't going to Detroit, hurry and let me know before the door closes"

    "Please turn off your cell phones and electronic devices ... If you are having trouble, we have a 9 year old here in the front who can help you."

    After landing in Detroit:

    "Letting you know that we have arrived 20 minutes early .... Sorry about that .... Please let your friends know ..... We know that you do when we are 20 minutes late"

    After deplaning instructions:

    "For those who feel the need to smoke .... Just quit."

    I asked the significance of Howdy hand painted on the wing tip. The attendant said is was probably a guy in a cubicle that thought it would be funny.

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