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Jul 20, 2014
I am a fairly new photographer, but it is something I have had an interest in for the last 25 years. A couple of years ago, I used some credit card rewards points and got a Sony a560, one of the last model with an OVF. All was well and good, until I started taking pictures of elk. Being only an hour from Rocky Mountain National Park, I started to get more and more interested in lenses with reach. I went through not good (but not bad) lenses, like the Tamron 200-400, up to the very good good Minolta AF500/8 reflex lens up to the amazingly good Sony 70-400G. Well, along came a baby, and some of the longer lenses had to go. I got laid off from a terrible job, and pursued a Master's degree (1 class left!). In my spare time as a stay-at-home dad/grad student, I bought and sold lenses on a small, but fairly profitable scale. Worked my way into an a65, and fell in love with the EVF. I will never go back. I ended up getting into a full frame a99. Being able to use all of the classic Minolta lenses the way God intended was a revelation. The 50/1.4, 35-105, 70-210/4, 17-35, and the stunningly good 80-200 HS G all of a sudden made sense. It was fun.

Then a thought occurred to move from quantity to quality. I also wanted portability because my wife and I, living in Colorado, really enjoy the outdoors, particularly hiking. So I sold or traded it all away everything and "settled" for an a7, 24-70/4 (which is far better than its been described), and the amazing 55/1.8. An a-mount adapter rounded out my kit with a long, wide, and semi-macro option, and I was off to the races.

Then (financial) disaster. Had to raise cash quickly. Sold off the 55/1.8, and the rest is following. I knew I could not quit photography, but I needed a small system with an EVF, excellent glass, full frame equivalent focal lengths, and small size. I really liked the color and rendition of the Olympus OMD's, so here I am. I am the proud (and slightly sad to have left the a7) owner of an E-M10, 12-40/2.8, 17/1.8, and 45/1.8, thanks to the recent sales incentives. So far, I only really miss the very high ISO I was able to shoot with the a7 and the way that the Zeiss lenses rendered. Loved that 55. But, I can already tell I will absolutely love going out with the 17 and 45 combo. The lenses are absolutely tiny.The 12-40, while a bit unbalanced, is still smaller than the 24-70 was, and with a bit more reach.

I eagerly away the the 40-150/2.8 and the 300/4. I can easily see myself picking up the Panny 25/1.4, as well. I have been on Dyxum for the last few years, and really learned a lot there. I doubt I will leave it completely, and if I ever win the lottery, I could easily see myself picking up an a7 model again. But for now, I am happily adjusting. I do miss some elements of the Sony system, but mft has a tremendous price to performance ratio. And you simply cannot beat the size.
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