How to stop accidental button presses on a Lumix G6


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Jul 6, 2014
Hi all.

Bit of an old one I know but my wife uses a Lumix G6, trouble is she has this knack of pressing buttons with her right thumb, luckily it's mostly just the display button but sometimes the WB, she knows enough to press the shutter button but has to keep finding me when the others get pressed, or I find later when reviewing all her blue cast photos because she didn't notice WB had been moved.

Now It would be nice if there was a menu option to turn off some of the buttons, but there is not, so I was wondering if any enterprising company had made a shield that covered the buttons.

A long shot I know but is there anything available, or did anyone make a DIY solution.

Thanks for any help with this.



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Feb 25, 2017
The usual solution is to build up a bit of a ring around such buttons to make them harder to press, but not so much they can't still be pressed when there's need. Most implementations I'm aware of are DIY using a wide range of materials up to low temperature thermoplastics but there are some commercial options such as thumbrests which plug into hotshoes. I don't know of any dedicated products for the G6 offhand but there's a wide range of low profile rings and ringlike objects made which could be put around the display button. I'd start by looking through what a local craft store has for activities like jewellery and beading but small O rings and similar fittings would likely work too, and the profile of anything plastic can be easily reduced by sanding before attachment.

Not sure if it's quite what you meant by turning off the button but some manufacturers' firmware does allow buttons to be assigned to no action. I just checked my G7 and that's not supported, so it's probably not available on the G6 either.
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