How to set up Timelapse on the EM5mk2

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    Can someone tell the me steps to set up the EM5 mark 2 (new Firmware 2) to do time lapse?
    The manual seems skimpy and searching online they seem to think you know how to switch it on.

    On the Shooting manu I can see "Custom self timer". Is this it? It does not say what :
    - Timer: (1s) (What is this? Initial delay?)
    - Frame: (x3) (what is this?)
    - Interval Time (0.5s) (I presume the gap time between shots.)

    I have also found shooting menu 2 Timelapse ON/OFF. But when ON the above settings are not available. So where do I set the interval?
    In the manual it says:
    Select [Time Lapse Settings] and press >.
    3 Select [On], press > and make the following settings: No of Frames, Wait, interval. But I don't get any of that.

    : just spotted that second right-arrow. Wow that is a messed up, inconsistent user interface.

    But how do I choose 4k?
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