How to get 20% more video FPS on the software-crippled PAL GX80s / GX85s

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    Jun 5, 2016
    I've found this video after stumbling across a similar procedure for the GX8:

    It tells you how you can enter "system mode", which unlocks the default NTSC video framerates (bitrates). For those who can't watch the video, a brief summary:
    1. Turn camera off
    2. Set to "M" mode
    3. Hold "WB", "playback", and "AF/AE lock" buttons, then turn on the camera
    4. When the camera has turned on, press "playback"
    5. Hold "ISO" and "AF/AE lock" buttons, then turn off the camera
    6. You will see a yellow exclamation mark, which confirms that it has worked
    You should now be able to select 4k 30FPS mode (rather than 25FPS), and Full HD 60FPS mode (rather than 50FPS)!
    I've tried it out on my European GX80 and it works! The video appears much smoother, depending on what kind of footage you shoot. All my other settings are kept, and I've noticed no bad effects from doing this so far. Note that this also works (with similar button combinations) on other cameras, such as the G70 and the GX8.

    The good thing is that the process is completely reversible. Note that this process will completely reset all your settings! To reset the camera to original settings:
    1. Turn camera off
    2. Set to "P" mode
    3. Turn camera on
    4. Hold "menu" and "WB" buttons, then turn off the camera. The region select menu should appear.
    5. Turn off "strict" mode by pressing the "display" button
    6. Choose the correct region, according to the two letter combination (e.g., "EB") on your camera box
    7. Press "WB" button twice to confirm and shut off the camera.
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