How to evaluate used lenses


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Jan 6, 2011
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Very useful, maybe this should be stickied?
I Agree with that.

My understanding was that "no returns" means that if the buyer finds that the item is exactly as described, then there is no option to return it . Certainly if an item is not as described, there must be a chance to return it!
That is correct. It has been what Customer service representatives at eBay have told me and my experience.. I have been buying on eBay for fifteen years and have had several instances where I needed to return an item. in the past three years I only had 4` items which I got not as described, and all were described as is . I never had a problem getting a refund, the longest i had to wait was 2 weeks, but new eBay policy requires you to return the item to the seller for the refund and unless the seller has Blatantly lied about an item you have to pay return shipping.

I can give you two examples:
One time 3 years ago purchased a lens that was being sold as-is. NO one else bid on it so I won it for the minimum of 5 dollars and 8 shipping. When I received it both caps were missing and so was the filter , All which were on it in the photo. I contacted eBay and it was obvious he gypped me on purpose but they did say I needed to return the item first for the refund, and the return shipping would have to be a different claim from the dishonest seller. I contacted the seller let him know I was going to return the item and make a claim for the return shipping and he just told me to keep it and refunded my money.
Another time this past summer I purchased a camera battery from a seller something that was new and it would fit, but it got stuck inside as soon as I put it in. I had to Put a screw in the bottom to have something to grab onto to remove it .. It was a smidge too tight. The seller told me to return it for a refund. I was not able to get my return shipping refunded, Contacting eBay to find this out they also told me its part of he new policy and that I must return it with tracking the same as sellers do now .. and the return shipping costs was not refundable. The seller defiantly wanted me to return the item before he gave a refund; even tho I sent him photos of the broken item and said sorry they don't provide return shipping. Not sure if he wanted to make sure I wasn't scamming him or if he just wanted to stick it to me.
The opposite to this past September when I purchased two new car parts and one broke a week after i installed it .. The seller responded the next day telling me not to worry they will just send a new one to me and appreciate my business. I got the new part later that afternoon. .

So beware of the shipping costs on items that are of questionable quality. You might have to eat a return shipping cost. Purchasing from a good seller helps too.

The buyer will need to destroy it, submit proof and they'll get their money back. They get to keep the destroyed item. There was a story while back about a antique violin, declared a counterfeit and destroyed rather than returned.
I can see how that would make sense for counterfeit items only, but not for items with defects or not as described.

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