How strong is the E-PL1 mount?


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Jun 10, 2010
I already asked something similar 5 months ago and not meaning to ask the same question in multiple different ways. However -- the E-PL1 is not a new model anymore and just curious how it has held up over time with heavy lenses, for those of you who dig old glass.

Are there any horror stories of experiences of the mount snapping off?

If you routinely use heavy lenses have you noticed any flex develop over time?

Is about 650 grams (like the Kiron 105) light enough to use on tripod on a regulare basis (as long as I don't dangle it around while hung around the neck)?

Thought I should ask -- thanks in advance for the insights!


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Jan 30, 2010
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Without any actual experience of using heavy lenses on my E-PL1 I wouldn't expect too much problem from the mount but would be more wary about strain on the tripod socket and base plate. Really big lenses with a tripod collar would obviously be an advantage. I don't intend to use any large lenses with my Pen, it seems to defeat the object of a small, portable, lightweight and discreet camera. I have a DSLR for the big stuff. :smile:


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Aug 11, 2010
No problem so far with about 900 grams used occasionally, followed by 600+ to 700+ grams used regularly.

Only problem is the camera is so small for my hand ... I would like the size of a Leica M camera.

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