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Nov 18, 2013
I thought I'd buy a couple of lenses this year and so I test all my lenses and surprisingly all were very good (see my profile for listing lenses). I've been shooting a lot of images this summer and am leaving for a 10 day US SW photo trip on the 1st of October. For me the biggest change this year was On1 AI noise and after that changing my NLE from Vegas PRO to Resolve Studio with the speed editor - each made a significant difference in my use of my camera gear. My G9's and surprisingly even the Gx85 continue to amazing me with their still and video capabilities. While I expected my PL100-400, Pany 12-35, and Oly 60mm to be very good in my tests, my other lenses (Oly 9-18, Rok 7.5 Fe, Pany 35-100 f4-5.6, Oly 75-300II, and the Pany 14 & GWC1) in HighRes tripod images were very, very good. As the software gets better and better, I've found as a retired person who has used everything from large format still cameras to studio video cameras over the years for commercial work that my current equipment could have been used for any of the magazine commercial works or TV commercials I did. The only change I am making in my SW trip is taking the G9 instead of the Gx85 only for two reasons, HighRes landscape shots with the Oly 9-18 and Oly 75-300 @ 75 to 150mm and better IBIS for videos will shoot on the trip.

I have the Canon 500D filters (one for 58mm and one for 77mm) and use adapters on the 58mm for the 35-100mm, I could live with the 75-300 II, 35-100 f4/5.6, and Pany 14/GWC1 or Oly 9-18 as a kit. You could pick up this lens set for under a grand and perhaps with the 14mm in the kit for close to $500 and have a really good setup. Since the canon 58mm is no longer made, you'd have to choose one of the other closeup filters but today there still some very good ones for macro. Recently a G9 was sold here for $600 I think. For the video and still work I did with the proper software this kit would allow you to make a living with the right commercial clients.

It all comes done to this FOR ME. Learn the gear, the software and then shoot images. It's what Mr. Jagger said about not getting what you want but what you need.....


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May 18, 2020
People today are just sore losers, quick to blame others instead of themselves for any failures or shortcomings (if they even acknowledge those failures and shortcomings at all). You can see it in photography, sports, politics, everywhere - it's the new normal.

I know how lucky I am that I had the choice to buy a capable consumer digital camera as a teenager. I would never have gotten into photography with film, so I am never going to be so quick to blame my camera. There was still improvement in my photos using the same point-and-shoot camera for 15 years, and if people compare those photos with the new ones I have taken with E-M1 II starting in late 2019 and early 2020, they might see no improvement, or maybe even regression.

To be willing to grow, and to acknowledge the need for the growth in the first place, also means continuously looking back and re-evaluating past works, and that's where having capable software can be important. Being able to go back and post-process the same photos differently over and over to get them more and more right, and while we do that we can also see what we have learned about using a camera over the years, and what we still need to learn.

We might learn exactly what we need from a camera as well. Maybe not being sure of my needs is what held me back from buying a new camera for so long. When I see people constantly buying new bodies and lenses, it also suggests they are not sure of their needs either.

I have E-M1 II and 12-100mm F4, and I am planning get 8-25mm F4 and a macro lens, then maybe I will never buy any more photography gear for the rest of my life.
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