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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by PMCC, Jan 23, 2015.

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    Feb 18, 2013
    I attended a camera promotion 'workshop' by Sony last Saturday. I write about it here because it might add some insights to the camera marketing debates.

    I was aware of the event because Sony was advertising in all local photography forms and clubs. Although the intention of the event is clear, everyone see it as a free social meetup. Moreover, Sony gave out one free SD card for every person. Indeed, almost everyone there were Canikon DSLR users.

    There were two sessions of 'workshop' in a single day. I only went to the afternoon one. It was held in a small hotel. Sony turned the place into a showroom, with a couple models. Sony lent their top mirrorless cameras and lenses for people to 'experience'. Actually the lighting setup was not that good, even in my untrained eye. At least I have not seen any great picture posted. Speaking of the attendants, there were probably 200 people going. From the conversations I heard, most was about gears, more gears...

    The workshop begin with a short shooting session, then a 'pro' lectured for an hour. He got paid for shooting travel brochures, etc. That is what he mainly talked about. Unsuprisingly, the talk was about how the Sony FF mirror-less helped him doing his assignment, while showing off his pictures. On the other hands, he largely avoided directly comparing Sony with DSLR's, and repeatedly said that the people is more important then the camera. It ended with lucky draw.

    Now comes the business part. The sales representatives were busy, as far as I could tell. On the other hand, the event did not really cost Sony that much: Initial advertisement was free; say $1000 for the venue, $1000 for the models and speaker and $1000 for the traveling staff. It is even possible that impulse buys on site would pay for that. Sony must consider this a success because indeed this is the second of such event in three months.

    I reckon Sony achieved their objectives with this event - convincing people Sony mirror-less is a viable system, to be taken seriously, whether they use it or not.

    Lastly a few pictures. Sony set up a dark room with one LED light to demonstrate the low light capacity of the A7 series cameras, but I used the humble G3 and 14-45 kit zoom. C&C welcome.



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  2. Ramsey

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    thx for the info, but i'm not sure there's a way Sony could've covered themselves by impulse buys. They are still selling their cameras at a cost, because they can afford it (due to other areas) and are currently hunting for market share.

    That said, i think Sony has good things in its future (really interested about A5 and A9), being that Canon and Nikon are still relatively silent on the MILC full frame matter. They have to up the lens count, though...
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    Feb 28, 2012
    Shenyang, China
    exactly the same thing here
    15387269524_10131a1c0b_b.jpg DSC09977 by jyc860923, on Flickr
    taken with the a7s+55 1.8

    I was with my G5 then
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