How much for E-PL1+? Opinions

Discussion in 'Expired Listings' started by Manac69, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Dec 13, 2011
    So I just recently bought a E-P3 and I want to sell my Olympus PEN E-PL1 w/ 14-42mm & 40-150mm lenses, everything is in great shape(only about 2 yrs old), I have the original box and accessories, but after trolling the internet(ebay,used camera stores..etc) I'm not sure how much I should sell it for. I just wanted to see what my fellow M 4\3 folks think. TIA
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    I recently{last month} sold an E-PL1 with the 14-42mm plus a couple of extras{2nd battery and bag} for $142{shipping included}. At the same time I sold a 40-150mm lens for $125{shipping included}. The two sold for a total of $267. After shipping costs, ebay and paypal fees I figure I got about $225. Unfortunately, these items are not very valuable anymore.