How far post processing has come.....


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Nov 18, 2013
A long time ago and far, far away I did professional commercial work. The studio used large studio cameras and extremely large rooms full of large video tape controllers for editing (think $$$$$ per hour). Jump ahead 30 years.

I edit on a PC and use Vegas PRO because I started with Movie Studio and went to Vegas, muscle memory and the speed with which I could do short projects on Vegas was a key advantage for me. My editing platform is now a i7700 4200/4400 OC, 32 gig fast ram, AMD480 8 gig GPU and a large monitor and large 4K TV (to view the final product).

4K has a lot of post production benefits for 1080P delivery but can be a bear to render if you've done a lot of post processing. After the new release of a Vegas PRO version that is no longer a problem. Vegas has not been the best at rendering using the full power of the GPU processing.

I am getting 1:1 rendering (or very close) on 100 mps 4K. Processors are around 90% GPU around 75-85% (I have 6 fans & liquid cooling). Seriously if I were still doing anything but stock (which is pretty much lightly edited) I would be in heaven. It used to take 4 or 5 times the project length to render. The codec is a Magix proprietary one, but then you can easily render to a delivery codec after the production render.

As someone who has been in and out of the "film/video" production field over the last 4 decades, this is really, really amazing. The big thing is that I am starting on some location videos which is a long arch project and this will probably save me literally thousands of hours over a 5 year project period. All this for the cost of a computer/software/cameras/lenses that cost less than one studio session in the late 70's - truly amazing.


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Apr 21, 2018
Good thread.

The biggest change to me is the effects and the quality of what you can do. Simple things like putting text on the screen. Look at a TV clip from 30 years ago, and it looks so amateurish, so incredibly simple. Yet that was the best that money could buy. Now basically any video editing software software, including a lot of free open source software, can look better. Blender - entirely open source and free - can be used to create entire movies in quality practically equal to a major studio - or at least from a decade or so ago.

I remember when the Amiga Toaster came out, and it revolutionized what you could achieve with only a few thousand dollars. And that looks so antiquated now. Ha!

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