How does Olympus warranty work on online purchases?

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by LowriderS10, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. LowriderS10

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    May 19, 2013
    Hi everyone,

    I'm about to buy one of my dream Olympus lenses online. However, it's coming from Hong Kong, I'm in Canada, and I'll likely be moving to Europe or Japan in a few does Olympus warranty work? Has anyone had to deal with it? Is it a hassle? Is it a straight forward anywhere you're in the world, 12 months from the date of purchase kind of deal?

  2. lahsrah

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    Jul 6, 2015
    No warranty on those. On Amazon they specifically say no warranty if they ship from overseas.
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  3. Growltiger

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    Mar 26, 2014
    There will normally be a warranty. For somewhere.
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  4. a_hit_of_meth

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    Jan 7, 2012
    Olympus dropped their worldwide warranty a few years back so I doubt you will get coverage in Canada, they might even charge more for grey market like they do here. Maybe you can mail it back to Hong Kong for service if you need, that is, if the online retailer you purchased from actually gets their stock from here.
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  5. LowriderS10

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    May 19, 2013
    Eek...thanks....I hate to do this, but I gotta start another related thread haha...
  6. owczi

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    Some of those retailers (Hong Kong you say? Digitalrev?) give you their own limited warranty - but that means you send it back to them to get it repaired. I saw an E-M1 bought this way and it didn't come with the regular warranty card, just with this funny coupon. Obviously they just pulled the warranty card out of the box. If you do happen to have to repair your lens via Olympus and pay for it, one repair may already offset the cost benefit of buying from Hong Kong. Lenses tend to be more reliable than bodies I find so you may just want to chance it... I've had a lens fail before (Lumix 35-100 f/2.8, iris stuck at f/22) and it would have been a real pain if I didn't have warranty on it.

    Also Olympus give you 6 months extra if you're registered online and agree to getting their newsletter.
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  7. barry13

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    Mar 7, 2014
    Southern California
    So is HK in a different warranty region than Japan?
  8. owczi

    owczi nareteV 34-uM Subscribing Member E-M1 just came back to London from the service centre in Portugal, grip rubber replaced with no questions asked. I sent it without the eyecup (because I have the bigger eyecup on the EVF), and they put a new one on. Next time I send a camera in for repairs I will remove the hotshoe, grip and pc port covers so they give me spares ;) Very happy given that this was a Hong Kong purchase (although before the moratorium on global warranty), and that it was sent in after the warranty ran out (although I registered the repair while it was still active). Cleaned, f/w upgraded, good as new. Also, for some reason my camera was registered for their Service Plus offering. I can't remember how that happened, possibly they had an offer where a body+lens purchase got it for free or something. They even threw in two Olympus chamois leather cleaning cloths. Can't complain! My mom's E-M5II had its guts replaced after it failed and that was an equally swift experience. So far 100% happy.
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