How Do You Use Your Body Cap Lens?

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by tjdean01, Mar 8, 2014.

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    Feb 20, 2013
    As a lens cap - We now have two of them to choose from--15mm and 9mm fisheye. I think they're great. I have the original 15mm BCL and use it as a lens cap more than as a lens. It's tough to that though because lens caps are things I throw around in random pockets in my camera back and don't worry about scratching or whether or not it has a back cap on it. I got my BCL for $35 thinking it would be a bit banged up but nope, mint condition! So it's hard to "throw" it around, but that's what lens caps are for.

    As a backup wide lens - I usually walk around shooting with a relatively fast prime lens--30/2.8, 40/1.8, 50/1.7. I miss shots if these are too long but only take these lenses for creative photography so it isn't a big thing (if I were going to visit a famous building or something obviously I'd take a standard zoom). When I get tired of the manual focus, or when I want something wider, I throw on the BCL. If it's in my bag permanently like a body cap would be, I always have it.

    Focusing - Do you guys focus yours? Is it meant to be focused like that? On the 15mm you have to be like a meter or two away before 'infinity' is your best choice. Closeups, however, it pays to NOT use the 'macro' setting and focus by yourself just as you would a MF lens. It's much sharper this way and in the center at least, sharp enough for my needs (in other words, if I crop the middle 4MP to a 30mm it'd be considered a good lens!)

    15mm vs 9mm fisheye? - I have the 15mm but kind of want the 9mm instead (or I guess I could say "as well" since the 15 isn't worth much to resell). The 9mm would be wayy different from whatever prime I'm carrying in my bag! Does anyone have both?
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    I had the 15mm and just picked up the 9mm this week. They are both lots of fun. I generally don't manually focus them, but I have noticed that on the Fisheye, if you mistakenly leave it on the close setting (very easy to do), the shot will not be in focus (duh) if you are not looking at something relatively close. I am still trying to figure out the two focus stops - one for infinity and one for "deep focus" - if there is any real difference. But generally don't do manual focusing with either - though I have played more with it because the EM10 has Focus Peaking and it is kind of cool with the BCL lenses to see what is in focus and what is not.
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    I love my 15mm BCL and plan on getting the new 9mm to go with it. I put the 15mm on my body when in the bag. It fits great that way and I can get a quick shot if needed{provided enough light}. I use the focus but generally either set to infinity or close up depending. It is rare that I shot something with it where I need to adjust the focus but there have been a few times.

    One thing that annoys me is that I think the focus lever works backwards. In my mind it should be closed then closest focus and then infinity but instead it goes from closed to infinity and then closest focus. I have a few blurred shots because I was at close focus and not infinity. I understand why the lever works the way it does - because of where the elements are furthest out for close focus.
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    If you visit Google+, visit and join the new Community Edward Conde created, "f8 and be there" to share images shot with the BCLs.
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