How are Samsung users reacting???

Discussion in 'Other Systems' started by WT21, Jan 5, 2016.

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    What if Oly was bought by Canon in order to create an instant, superior mirrorless line and we all got an EF to m43 adapter that performed flawlessly with canon lenses and a lot more capital invested in the platform. I hope that happens formSamsung users.
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    Tom Karches
    It is probably a good idea for them to exit the market, but if they are, I think they are doing it it in the worst way possible. Not a good way to create loyal customers.

    I think there are too many mount formats. It's just a mechanical connector with wires attached. And they are all different. Seems to me that embracing m43 as a standard would be the perfect way for a manufacturer to get their foot in the door in the photography market. The risk being is that you have to excel and can't just depend on first adopters of your brand to continue buying your stuff. Picking an existing format also allows other customers of the same format to try your product without losing their investment in lenses.

    One of the things that attracted me to m43 was that it was not a vendor specific systems and it has the capability to use lenses from various manufacturers and vintage glass with adapters.

    m43 reminds me of MIDI, a standard created in 1984(?) for interfacing electronic music equipment. Some vendors were reluctant to adopt it because their customers could buy gear from other vendors (no vendor lock in) and make the systems work together. Turned out, that was what people wanted and everyone bought more gear, knowing that it could continue to be used. Over 30 years later, MIDI is still around.

    I think too many companies are trying to sell products based on features (it goes to 11!) rather than delivering usable products. Cameras are kind of tricky because you tend to have brand loyalty and choice of manufacturer (Canon vs. Nikon) to muddy the waters. The choice often seems as much as or more of as aesthetic choice than a technical one.

    By the way, if you have a Samsung (or Philips) flat screen TV and it has suddenly stopped working, chances are you can fix it for under $10. PM me if you want to know more.

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    That article is pure speculation. Samsung has dozens of product lines from vacuum cleaners to air conditioners that didn't get mentioned in that presentation. Doesn't mean that Samsung is going to stop making those products.
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    Even if Samsung is not shuttering their camera division completely, they have already withdrawn from their largest markets — such as UK and Germany. It's an established fact. I'm pretty sure users in these countries are simply delighted that they no longer can buy Samsung lenses, flashes and other accessories for their cameras. Or if their camera breaks, they will not be able to buy a new camera to replace it. Samsung is essentially leaving their users out in the cold. But of course, it's a "pure speculation..."
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