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  1. I went to the annual Volks Bahn car meet at the Castle in the Clouds of New Hampshire. There were more than VWs there and all the cars were kitted out with turbos and air bag suspension systems. I don't feel bad at all about doing a bit of modification to these photos - HDR seems to suit the subject well.

    As for the photography (as opposed to the PP) the Panasonic GH2 with its articulating rear screen really helps. You can put the camera right on the ground and compose in the fold out panel. I was too low to use a tripod, but hand-held, three-frame HDRs worked well. I'm not done souping these pictures up yet. I want to really explore some of the more exotic settings in NIK HDR Pro as well as see what I can do with Photoshop radial blur.

    There's no reason to leave a perfectly good photo, or car, blandly stock!

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