home made adapter for the ep1


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Dec 26, 2009
new york city
[from sept 2009]

recently i made 2 quick adapters for 2 pentax 110 slr lenses

a 24 2.8 and a 50 2.8, these were tiny slr lenses made for pentax auto 110 cameras

the system probably represents the smallest interchangeable lens camera system ever made

the 110 format size is by coincidence very, very close in size to the sensor used in the m4\3 system
{learned this by reading the ken rockwell review!]

[ the 50 was considered a 100 mm equiv. and the 24 a 50 mm equiv.]

i did a casual comparison of the fov of the 24 with the kit at just below the 25mm mark and they are extremely close

24 x 1.92 = 46.08mm equiv.

do they work ? well i am astounded by the sharpness of these lenses at 2.8 in order to stop them down a disk with a hole must be put behiond the lens, i tried this and it works great , i practice i may get a neutral density filter that can bring it down to about f 8 or 11 light tramission equivelancy.
it seems f stops were in the pentax auto 110 body and this is why no lenses faster that 2,8 could be made for this system.
there seems to be no vignetting at all , in fact the light seems to be quite even edge to edge .

as for their size? well the 24mm lens is so tiny that i can nestle it inside a 16 oz water bottle cap its size is almost exactly the same size as a plastic pepsi bottle cap!! [diameter and height ]it is insanely tiny!

the 50 2.8 is a bit bigger its 1.5 " diameter and 1.125" long! about the diameter of a shot glass but half as high.

a $5.95 ep-1 body cap was drilled to accept the base of the pentax 110 lenses they need to sit a couple of mm foward
test focus and glue when in the perfect position
i will post pictures taken with these lenses in ep-1 user pics section

a method to calibrate distance so correct infinity focus is obtained goes something like this

using a dremel moto tool drill out an area large enough to accept a rear lens cap for a pentax 110 lens , grind the hole to the correct diameter slowly , you want it snug but with enough play to move it back and forth so that when you seen correct infinity focus you can carefully dismount the lens anfd put a spot of crazy glue at several points where the drilled lens cap lens meets the drilled body cap

using a tripod put the lens to infinity mark and then position it so infinity focus is perfect go slow and dont put this anywhere near your sensor until its dry

if your using a lens mount from a camera on a body cap it will be a variation on this , lots of test fitting and shots with 10 x magnification to see when infinity focus is achieved

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this is not exactly correct but its close

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Brian Mosley

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Dec 15, 2009
Quite ingenious use of a body cap!

Very impressive, can't wait to see some sample images.

Thanks for sharing




New to Mu-43
Feb 14, 2010
home made adapters for m4/3 cameras

Yesterday I replied to the Pentax 110 blog with some
example shots using the 18mm lens and I gave a hint
how to create your own m4/3 adapter which I want
to repeat in this blog:
"Hint for creating own adapters: Roxsen is selling m4/3 macro reverse
adapters (US$6.99) and with some stepping rings + extension /
close-up rings it is pretty easy.
The LTM/39mm to m4/3 is a good base as well..."



New to Mu-43
Feb 14, 2010
Hi Brian -
there are some sample shots by some members of this forum
and I uploaded my samples created with the 18mm Pentax 110
lens yesterday - also giving a hint to find the right material
to create own m4/3 adapters.
Have a look to the Pentax 110 blog in this forum...

Cheers from Berlin

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