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Holiday Traditions

Discussion in 'The Watering Hole' started by Djarum, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Djarum

    Djarum Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Dec 15, 2009
    Huntsville, AL, USA
    As we approach the Holidays, it would be interesting to hear from everyone about their Holiday or Christmas Traditions. I'll start.

    My parents always put out a ton, and I mean a ton of Christmas Lights. At one time when I was a child, for a few years, our whole block competed on who could get the most lights or figurines out. No bush was left without lights, my father would always say. I can even remember, back with the old strings of lights, trying to figure out which bulb had burnt out. We would spend hours just on a few strings of lights!

    My mother was an ER nurse, so she usually had to work Christmas Day even as a supervisor. As kids, we always opened our presents on Christmas eve. We either went to Midnight Mass or early Christmas Day Mass depending on how early she had to work.

    Christmas eve dinner always was homemade sloppy joes.Christmas dinner was always usually ham with all the fixings, or sometimes turkey.

    Usually I go down to my parents house for Christmas in Jacksonville, FL, about a 9 to 10 hour drive from here. This year will be the first year in a while where I am spending it just with my girlfriend.

    I would love to hear from the members about their Holiday traditions! Pictures are encouraged!

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  2. Streetshooter

    Streetshooter Administrator Emeritus

    Dec 15, 2009
    Phila, Pa USA
    For the last 10 years or so,
    Christmas Eve and Day I usually go with some biker friends to the area VA Hospitals.
    I buy these really warm WOOL socks and give them to the Vets. They love them as the tile floors are cold.
    These add warmth to their feet and my soul.
    I like to think it's a tradition, not a duty.
    Many Vets have no family near by so they welcome us with open hearts.
    New Years day, Mummers Day here in Philly will find me at the parade.
    Not very exciting holiday stuff but I like it.
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  3. BBW

    BBW Super Moderator Emeritus

    Growing up, I used to hope that we'd be snowed in so we could stay at home. Never happened!

    On Christmas Eve, we always decorated our tree and then the next day we'd go to whichever aunt's or uncle's turn it was to host the celebratory meal...each took turns.

    Now a days my brother, some cousins and a bunch of friends come to "our house", so it seems my wishes have been granted - though unfortunately my wonderful parents and aunts and uncles are no longer around. My sister lives up outside of Buffalo, NY with her family and it's not the easiest time of year for traveling from that snowbound area.

    My husband, our daughter and I usually decorate our tree with a good friend if she's free... We used to do it on Christmas Eve, which I nostalgically prefer, but the life of a young adult can be busy. By young adult I refer to our daughter - not to myself.:biggrin: We used to read various Christmas books aloud, including the biblical one. Up until this year, we always attended a Christmas Eve program at the Presbyterian Church in our town, however this year we'll be doing something different.

    I am usually involved in some kind of Toys for Tots program (toys are donated to children who otherwise wouldn't have anything) among other things...

    DJ, I'm sure I would have loved to have seen your family's house of Christmas lights!! We have some pretty amazing ones around our area.

    Don, what you do is heartwarming.

    And I do listen to Christmas music to get in the spirit... That will probably start for me this weekend. I still have several of the records that we listened to when I was a little child - they may be scratchy but they play on my turntable just fine!

    And finally, I habitually watch the Alistair Sims version of Dicken's A Christmas Carol every year. View attachment 154005

    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayW4c9aZXyw"]YouTube - A Christmas Carol -- Scrooge's Transformation[/ame]
  4. Djarum

    Djarum Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Dec 15, 2009
    Huntsville, AL, USA

    That is a great thing you do for our vets.


    It sounds like you have a wonderful time every year. Maybe your sister can make it down. I know my sister is dissappointed that we won't be heading to Florida this year to see them. This will be the first year we haven't gone to my parents house.

    In the past we've always donated something small to either Toys for Tots or for the local women's shelter. This year we decided to donate money to a local charity called Kids to Love. They are a local charity who deal with orphaned kids who are "in the system".
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