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    Jan 14, 2014
    Hi all. I've been snooping on this forum for a while and even posted a couple of shots, then realized I'm being rude. So, without further ado....


    I got serious about the hobby about 2 years ago, and my wallet has not thanked me for it. I've gone in that time from the G3 to the E-M5 to the E-M1, and yes, that's crazy. The G3 is still better than I am, and the E-M1 is way ahead of me... but I'm also a gadget guy, and shiny new things make me happy.

    My current equipment consists of the E-M1, Oly 9-18, Oly 12-40, Pana 45-150, Oly 12, Oly 17, Pana 20, Pana/Leica 25, Oly 45, Oly 60/macro, and Oly 75.

    I've probably got more shots of the kids than anything else, but I like shooting just about everything. I do a lot of macro, both because I like it and because bugs and flowers don't roll their eyes when I'm shooting them. I love to shoot landscapes and night shots, but don't get to as much as I'd like.

    Anyway, happy to be here and happy shooting!