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    Apr 10, 2009
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    One feature we installed but hadn't yet announced is the ability to start a blog here at mu-43. There are a few nice things about hosting a blog at mu-43.com:

    • It's really easy to start a blog and post - everything works the same way as posting in the forums
    • A link to your blog entries can be found next to your name in every forum post
    • We'll highlight some blogs and posts on the main page from time to time
    It's a great way to share "one photo per day" and other types of ongoing photo projects with the rest of the mu-43 community.

    BlairMacKay has taken the initiative of starting our first member blog :2thumbs:. Starting tomorrow, he'll be traveling throughout China for a month and will be blogging that experience here at mu-43.

    Click here to see Blair's traveling China blog!
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    :bump: Bumping this up for some members who might not be aware of this option and for someone who I know is about to head off on a big trip.:biggrin: Perhaps he'd like to keep us informed?:wink:
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    Haha will do BBW! I'm allready excited to get started!
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