Hi from NZ


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Hello Gid and congrats on your E-P1! Glad you found your way in here. Hope to see you back soon with some photos, too.


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Welcome Gidion. I am only 2 days in and I can feel the (not going to say love), "LOVE" already :)


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Did not expect so many reply s:smile:

The lay out of the site is great and I have to say this forum is like a virus, I already spend money on some nice straps suggested by bullfrog in his post titled "Straps".

Now I am off to search for a good case.

I am trying to stay away from the Adapted lenses section. My bank balance is looking very pale :cool:


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:smile: welcome, this is one of a couple of really fantastic forums for the savy :smile: micro 4\3 shooter ,
be sure to post images of your work



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Indeed there are a few great forums around. I believe I already chatted with cosinaphile in an other forum. anyway happy to share some of my pictures in due course.

Better stop writing and start taking some pictures:)

Brian Mosley

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Hello again Gid, exactly... we're all very interested in photography - I hope you'll consider joining us in the PAD and Image Quest (I'm still working up to an Image Quest entry... feel like I'm letting the side down a bit)




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Wellcome gid and congrat for your ep1. please talk us and post with your leica lenses :tongue::2thumbs: