Hi from Germany´s far east


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Dear mu43ers,

being not the ideal foto-fora-fan: no interest in AF/noise/dynarange/Olympus vs. whatever-discussions – so your´s is (the) one to join, thanks for your initiative!
Hobbyist since 1969, I started as a youngster with a Voigtländer Vito, bought an OM-1 in 1974 and see now myself back to the roots with some Voigtländer-logos in front of an E-P2, that being my actual daily outfit.
4040/E-20/E-1 brought me back to photography, complete range recovering my OMs and aquiring a smaller Mamyia-645-outfit plus scanners (missing resolution and real viewfinders with all the Oly digitals in those times); E-3 plus Zeiss Y/C-lenses, home printing-ease (well, kind of…), discovering “Lightzone”-software and now this Mft-stuff made me comfortable with digital – more or less, more by results, in some regards less by fun of use. No, I won´t start here with love-and-hate –ramblings esp. on E-P2, “she” is a really nice tool and at least far superior to my talent, but – no…not now… Instead I´ll browse through the impressive adapted-lens-section – great to see people elaborating the options of the system to some extremes.

Best regards


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willkommen an Bord! Welcome on board....:biggrin:

As an EP2 user with my new 20mm pancake life is easy in terms of weight. This place here is full of very capable persons with great output in pics, knowledge and general informations. Stay tuned:cool:



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willkommen Hertz,

Glad to have you on board. There are a lot of great photographers here, and I'm so happy that now we have another - one more person for me to learn from and be inspired by : )

Best regards,



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Welcome to the forums!
There's quite the collection of intelligent, friendly people here who share the same passion for the hobby (who vary from novice to professional) and will provide a great experience! Looking forward to your contributions! I'm a frequent visitor just south of you (to the Westerwald) on business :)

Viele Grüße aus Pennsylvania


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welcome hertz to the forum ,and hello from nyc
i too love the mature level of discussion at the forum here and the great vareity of topics

for me , the main reason that micro- four thirds has captured the imagination of old school photographers, as well as new ones, is the versatility and size...
because of no mirror box,& the short lens to sensor distance there are literally thousands of lenses that can be used with m4\3, sadly this is not the case with most slrs

for those who have yet to enjoy well built vintage manual glass, the smaller bodies offer the ability to bring a camera places that because of weight of the size of big slrs might not other wise come


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Hallo Hans-Jürgen, schön dich hier zu begrüssen zu können.
Hi HJ, I;m glad to meet you here.

Bill Gordon

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Welcome Hans and "no sprechen Deusche Mein-herr.....I look at your photos and would love to see them all in a slide show. The second shot with the dog and reflection I love!!

Please excuse the spelling!!


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Thanks all of you for your welcome, dank u wel, merci beaucoup! Internet is no news any more; but since starting internet based communication experiences with the Analogue addicts mailing list about 15 years ago (died meanwhile; dealt with playback of vinyl records, one of my ongoing passions) it is striking to see messages collected from various regions in no time.

Yes, cosinaphile (btw learned by browsing that we both share the special appreciation of the Nokton 1,5/50 with E-P2 ), indeed, it is the variety of Mf-lenses, which made me stay with 4/3 and then mFt (I really wanted, since Olympus never failed to deliver nice, comparably well designed tools serving the photographic process more than dealing with popular test procedures, usually a bit late though - I remember pretty well the waiting period sticking with the E-20 before the E-1 started, and the finderless E-P1 was not for me). With the E-P-range they are back to design-finesse the old Pens and single digit OMs offer(ed) – but as with digital in general again one will have to go through some cycles of E-P-evolution to enjoy the complete range of new features without discriminating basic features the traditional approach delivers as standard. But from that E-P2 on I am ready :) .

Ready as well for inspiration, Gary, since from what I´ve seen I´ll be the one to learn a lot, after some browsing not confident to be able to contribute anything what others won´t know better…
Bill, thanks very much for looking, esp. for mentioning my only worth to keep dog-photo (not that much into animal-photography while admiring - well, who don´t … - Erwitt), this dog fitted perfectly for city-portraiture.

Best regards