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    Wanted to do a quick introduction. My name is Harri, 35 years old, from Finland but live and work in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I've been doing photography as a serious hobby for 10+ years. I do mostly travel photography, but am doing more portraits recently. Plenty of pictures on my site in my sig - practically all updates since May are shot with E-PL1.

    I bought E-PL1 in late Spring as weight and size is a major factor with riding around on a motorcycle, and have hardly touched my Canon 550D since :) I'm seriously considering moving away from APS-C format as the form factor of MFT is perfect for travel - if only there were more variety on primes! I also shoot MF and LF film. Attached picture of my cameras for those interested. The "small" TLR is a 6x6 Mamiya C220, and the mother of all TLRs is a Gowlandflex 4x5".

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    Hello and welcome - I like your camera collection.
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    Jun 13, 2010
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    The Netherlands
    Hello Harri and welcome !
    Welkom hier ! Mooie collectie hoor.
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    Harri, welcome aboard - and thank you for taking the time to stop in here and introduce yourself, along with some of your cameras.:biggrin:
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    Mar 23, 2010
    Northeastern Tuscany