Hi from an absolute beginner, UK


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Hi everyone,

I have a GF1 with a 14-42 on the way, i cant wait to get started. I have a tz7 at the moment and have had a nikon d40 in the past (more often than not stuck in 'auto' mode :redface:).

I'm determined to get stuck into experimenting with some manual settings and lens and will no doubt be asking some newb questions along the way! All advice will be gratefully recieved though.


congrats on the new camera, and learning the manual setting will open up photography with the gf1 that a point and shoot can not do.

And welcome.


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Yes - welcome Chopchop. I was previously a Nikon user for decades, and then got hooked on the Panasonic point and shoots, the TZ3 and then the ZS3. Their cameras are possitively addicting! Next thing I knew, I was ordering a GF1, which I loved so much, I ended up getting a G1 as well. Welcome to the club.


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Welcome. You got a great little camera there. Experiment with sttings, have fun and you'll take nice pictueres. look forward to seing some posted soon.



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Chopchop, I'll add in my hello and welcome, too! First thing you must do is charge that battery! Next, after you take some photos, please let us know what you think about your new camera.:wink:


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A warm welcome to you and hello from Edinburgh. That's a great camera you've chosen - you'll have lots of fun with it!

All the best,