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    As you can guess, my name is Peter. Since friday 17-1-2014 I'm the proud owner of a Panasonic G6, with the new 14-140, 14/2.5 and the 25/1.4. I have my I also on a nice 45/1.8

    English is not my native language, because I'm from the Netherlands, but I work a lot of time in international project teams where English is the only possible way to communicate.
    Before this camera I've been using Nikon Digital sinds 2006, and before that Nikon analog. So yes, I was a Nikon guy. After a trip with a compact camera only, and using the film mode extensively I realized that having pictures and a movie is so much more fun than just pictures alone, but when I took both with me, dslr + compact, the compact saw no use because I really disliked the picture quality of the compact and constant switching between them.

    After research I found what I want: a camera that can rival dslr for picture quality, and with very good movie modes: namely Panasonic. I decided that it was more wise to invest in lenses than skip a lens and go for to the GX7 immediately. Wanted the large zoom for it's versatility, walk around and for using in movies (Power IOS), and the primes for when the emphasis is more on photography, portraits etc. I also was looking for a big reduce in weight, and sure the G6 delivers it :)

    In the beginning I will have some questions about camera handling, because this is much more different than I thought it would be.

    Best regards,
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    Welcome and don't worry about your English - it's much better than my Dutch!!
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    Welcome to the Forum! Enjoy & have fun with your new gears!
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    Welcome, Peter, from another (former) Nikonian.


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    Welcome to the forum, Peter!
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    Thank you guys