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  1. Okay, this is THAT thread for those Panasonic Technicians (The Pizza Heroes) that are watching this forum so closely that no one has ever heard from them ( :smile: ). Our "very silent partners" in image-making.

    Would you guys please consider allowing customers to pay for specialty firmware mods; or even better, allow customers to buy an SDK from you? If you would, it would be like the anchovy on our pizza (or some wonderful thing).

    Alternately, here is my request list (and I'm sure every nut case with a Panasonic will chime in with their wish list as well):
    1. GX-85: Please remove the operating mode from the list of things stored in the "Custom Settings". That was just a mistake, please fix it.

    2. GX-85: Please make the Information Screen of the LCD modifiable. You have a great start, but you pulled up short of the goal. You should make it 3-4 rows of 5-6 items, each selectable by the customer (like selecting the functions of the buttons). Do this and your customers will have almost all of their settings available on a single screen for easy, quick changes to camera operation. EXTRA CREDIT if you make this screen appear with a single press of the central "OK" button. A double-press would still bring up the menu system (but we would rarely need it anymore).

    3. GX-85: A 3.5mm microphone input, please.
    And finally,
    4. GX-85: Please consider moving the on/Off switch to the front of the body and making the rear dial just a tiny bit larger (easier to access).

    Your pretty happy converted customer.
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    Chilli mud crab and goat feta... :2thumbs:

    They're going to think we're nuts if everyone asks for custom individual hardware updates via firmware... :biggrin:
  3. Oh, sorry, are we trying to pass ourselves off as NOT NUTS now? I must've missed that memo.

    Chilli Mud Crab sounds awful, is that a Western Australian thing? :)
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    Nov 18, 2011
    We are obviously twins separated at birth...:)

    To the Panasonic peeps...

    One request only. Bring back the GF-1 interface. By which I mean mostly the button and dial layout.
    The GF-1 was my first m4/3 camera, and even though I was coming from a completely different system (Canon) it was very intuitive and took no time to figure out. Picked it up and immediately felt totally at home with it.
    Every m4/3 camera I had since, even though they have all been Panasonics, has been varying degrees of frustrating to get used to. Lots of inadvertent button pushes, settings changed without realizing it, plenty of headscratching WTF moments trying to get the camera to do what I want it to. And why are they all so different?!?! The GX8 and G85, even though basically of the same generation of cameras, have very different layouts. No consistent design philosophy on the controls.
    Even though I have those other 3, technically more advanced cameras, the GF-1 is still my everyday, go everywhere choice. If I was Panasonic, that would concern me.
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