Hey Apple Freaks, new iphone 4G found at a German Bar

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Iconindustries, Apr 25, 2010.

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    Golly they have lost a few lately if this one is true as well - two in the US and now one in Germany..................hang on, is it Apr 1st again?

    Seriously though, Apple have been incredibly good at keeping their future products under wraps until release date even though speculation has run wild.

    There is some speculation (as in the past) that they drip feed elements of their new products to allow a slow build of enthusiasm that will turn into a buying frenzy on the 1st day of product availability - this time they may have taken a different tac and if the phone is genuine and they have allowed it to "be lost", they have to ensure the stocks are available to buy on the day as it looks like a nice upgrade and I for one will be interesting as my iPhone is now 2 yrs old.
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    Oh really i didn't realise that there has been other sightings! It's quite an interesting story they have written up anyway. I'm a pretty gullible kinda guy but i really like the square design on that phone they have. They have rumours that the new phone might be 64GB! Gee whiz. I wouldn't be able to fill that too quickly.