Hexanon & Tamron Adaptall II lenses... Not sure about theses

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    So recently someone gave me their old Konica camera gear.. I say gave because he only asked for about 100 dollars.
    Here is the story :
    He is currently a retired man that use to be into photography back when he was younger, but stopped when his vision got real bad in the mid eighty's
    (And it must be bad because the camera has a +5 diopter on it )
    and he did not want to spend a ton of money to convert to an AF camera system, since also, by that time in his life he had less time for photography.
    Well recently his children had purchased him a Canon dSLR with 2lens kit, and he was getting back into photography, since he had time in his retirement..
    He joined a photography message board that I was on also, and to make a long story short, he took a shine to me and offered to sell me and ship all the lenses and camera for just about a C note.
    I got the camera and lenses a couple months ago but really I shouldn't have purchased it since I am not working right now.


    Starting from front going to rear then front, from left to right, with their cases behind them, there is,

    Tamron Adaptall II:
    70-350mm f/3.5~5.6
    2x Flat Field Teleconverter
    80-210mm f/3.8 (attached the the camera & case behind it)

    Konica Hexanon Ar :
    35-70mm f/3.5
    50mm f/1.4
    40mm f/1.8 (in the pink bubble wrap no case :frown:)
    50 f/3.5 Macro with 1:1 adapter

    I haven't used any of them yet, so I don't know what to expect..
    However I recently purchased a K/AR - µ4/3 adapter with a Hexanon 40mm 1.8 lens . And took this photo with it. It arrived 2 days ago .. you see, I didn't realize I already had my own 40mm lens in my box of Konica equipment until I went to take this photo.
    You see I was taking everything out of the original shipping bod and I realized I didn't need such a big box so I was breaking down the box and the packing material when I discovered there was the 40mm in by itself wrapped up in bubble wrap in the corner of the box.. Doooh! :dash2:
    Anyway, if they are nothing special I'm thinking I might just keep one or two and get rid of the other Focal length lenses which I already have in Rokkor Glass.
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    Sep 25, 2011
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    Depending on condition, the 24mm could double your money. The 24mm, 50mm and the 40mm are the best lenses there. Depending on condition, the tamron's might be of interest to collectors. I have no experience with the 55mm macro, but some interesting prices on ebay, especially with the 1:1 extension.
  3. Ned

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    Jul 18, 2010
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    Yeah, I would not let go of that 24mm and 50mm Hexanon! Sweet lenses!
  4. dbuckle

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    Nice find. Keep and use them.
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    All the Hexanon lenses, except for the 40mm, came in their own, original, cases and are in excellent condition. I had to look hard to convince myself they had even been used. The Tamrons all have their own cases too. but the cases have a lot of wear, and the lenses look slightly used. I would rate the Tamron lensess as just in great condition.
    The Previous owner had even placed desiccates in all the cases so that helped.
    I thought that the 55mm had a neat case because it split in the middle and one half had the lens and the other had the extension tube.

    The 350mm is a beast to hold. I don't know its weight, but I have a Sologor lens that i know for sure is one pound and I have held them both for comparison and I can tell the Tamron is much heavier.

    I haven't even though about trying to test the Adaptalls since they already have their own Adaptall adapters I know we are always told never to stack adapters so i am waiting to afford the Ataptall - µ4/3 mount that I should use .
    Originally I was talking to the PO about buying his 70-350mm for sixty, but he somehow talked me into just buying it all for double.
    It seems like I have to spend more money on adapters to used these lenses, and maybe this is going to end up being wast of money for me .
    I already have a Rokkor 24mm 2.8, Rokkor 35mm 1.8, Rokkor 50 1.4 & 1.2 , Kiron 55mm 2.8 1:1 Macro (no adapter needed), & a Rokkor 100-300mm 5.6 zoom.
    I'm now starting to think I may have just wasted money on these lenses that are really no better than what I already have.
    Thanks.. I'm still debating that... lol .. tho I am leaning towards selling some of them, if its not too much trouble to do.
  6. zapatista

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    Mar 19, 2012
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    Mike Barber
    I use a 55mm macro (usually w/out extension tube) and it's a very sharp lens, darn close to the 60mm Olympus.
  7. RDM

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    Might you have some examples that I can look at? :smile:
  8. dbuckle

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  9. RDM

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  10. verbatimium

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    Most Hexanon lenses are hidden gems. I've had experience with the 24mm, 50mm 1.4, 40mm 1.8, and the 55mm macro and they are extremely sharp lenses and worth keeping. To get your money back (+ more possibly), I would sell off the Tamrons and the 35-70mm. Or you can just sell off the 24mm (I found that I used that one the least) and pretty much get double what you payed for everything.
  11. dbuckle

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    You have the Macro Extension Tube. it comes with the 55mm Macro lens and gives a 1.1 macro. Are Tamrons AR mount? If they are they will work with the Hexanon 43 adapter.
  12. RDM

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    The Tamrons are all Adaptall II lenses, each with their own Adaptall II - K/AR mount; they are not light lenses. The Tamron 2x converter I have pictured with this is for the Adaptalls only fit between the lens an their mount.
    Anyway the Tamron lenses already have the Adaptall adapters on it and if I use my newly acquired K/AR-/µ4/3 adapter with them that would be stacking adapters, which I am always told I shouldn't do. I'm more worried about the stress of the heavy lenses ruining the tight fit of the K/AR-µ4/3 adapter I have and I know they sell strong, Adaptall-µ4/3 adapters on the Bay.
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    Jun 5, 2013
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    Doug Green
    The most valuable lenses you've got there are certainly the Konica Hexanon 24mm, and 55mm f3.5 Macro.

    The 50mm f1.4 and the 40mm f1.8 Hexanons are also pretty good.

    The Tamron 80-210mm zoom is decent. The longer Tamron 70-350mm zoom is probably crap - especially on a small m4/3 sensor. The 2x adapter will probably degrade both of these zooms significantly, and in any case, you'll be shooting at an effective f8 or slower when using it on them, which is significantly diffraction-limited in micro 4/3. So the 2x adapter might be useless, and best case, will be pretty mediocre.

    BTW, no problem stacking a Konica to m4/3 adapter on a Tamron lens that has a Konica Adaptall mount already on it. In fact, you're much better off doing this than looking for an Adaptall to m4/3 adapter, since Tamron never made any of those, and the only ones you'll find are Chinese knock-offs that may not couple properly with the Adaptall lenses diaphragms.
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  14. RDM

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    Thanks dougjgreen. I had assumed the same quality about the Tamron Adaptalls, but was hoping maybe someone would tell me they were great or something.

    As for the Adaptall to µ4/3 adapter. I reaize Tamron never made such an adapter; µ4/3 cameras were not even in consideration when they ceased production on Adaptalls. I know they are Chinese made , and as for not coupling properly with the Adaptall lenses diaphragms, that's nothing to worry about , since they do not attempt to.

    You see, unlike T4 and TX mount lenses , the Adaptalls come with their own aperture ring prior to the mount. SO those Chinese adapters need only be a solid mount from lens to camera, no moving parts.

    Adaptall's probably could benefit from a speed booster type adapter.
  15. dougjgreen

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    Jun 5, 2013
    San Diego
    Doug Green
    You're still better off attaching a Konica to m4/3 adapter to those Tamron lenses with the Konica Adaptall mount in place than you are attaching a Chinese M4/3 to adaptall mount to them. It will work exactly the same as it will on your Konica brand lenses.
  16. tjdean01

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    Feb 20, 2013
    I have three copies of the 40/1.8. The lens fails at 1.8 and is not good at 2.8. It's pretty sharp at f4 and great at f5.6 and f8. So, for me, this lens is not a low-light performer and I use it as if it were a f2.8. The seagulls below were probably shot at f5.6.



    I do not have the 50/1.4 but I have the 57/1.4 and the 50/1.7, both of which I say are better than the 40 at f2.8.

    I have the 55/3.5 macro as well. I've never put on the 1:1 extension tube but I've used it as a walk around lens because for me, I don't need 1:1 at all. You can still take shots of bugs without it. This lens does not need a lens hood. It is not great at 3.5 but at the next stop (f4.2?) it is really good. I was shooting mostly at f5.6. If you click on the full size image link below you'll be able to see the nets over the vents that you can't see with the naked eye. I didn't sharpen it but if you do it looks even better. I'm impressed with this lens. I paid like $50.


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  17. RDM

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    OK I finally had an opportunity to test out a couple of the lenses today .
    I seen a spider web out side and went in to grab the 55mm macro, and since the spider freaked out and moved pretty fast when I got so close I also tried to use the 80-200mm Adaptall with the extension tube from the 55mm macro. I didn't realize the extension tube has the mount upside down. Pretty interesting.
    First one was the 55mm with extension tube, the second and third are just the 55 alone and I did the last shot with the Tamron Adaptall at 200mm and f/8 I believe ..

    I cant find my tripod and I am missing the plate off my mono-pod right now, so I just tried these hand held.. Boy was it hard.. I think if I did it again with a tripod I would have sharper images.
    I don't know is any of these images are worth posting in the Konica 55mm macro image thread tho.

    Conclusion is that I really don't need the extension tube when using the Konica 55mm macro. Its a very sharp lens.

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  18. metal_pig2001

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    Sep 21, 2013
    Hi to all

    in regards to the Tamron 70-350 have a look at this post on my blog towards the end of the post. http://ravalproductions.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/birds-in-the-garden/

    Yes it is heavy but at least it does have a tripod mount to work with. Some of my other Tamron lenses while not as large still are quite heavy lumps of glass and metal compared to my initial m43 camera, a G3, and even now compared to my OM-D.
    Unfortunately my copy of the 70-350 when I got it has the start of a fungal death on the inside of the objective lens. Hopefully I can keep it cool and dry and have it last for a while.

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  19. RDM

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    Thanks Ralph, It was nice to see a shot using both that lens and the tele-Converter. I have the same tele-Converter too. It came in the kit because that's how the previous owner used it. The man that sold them to me, said when he purchased these Adaptall lenses from a camera store in the eighty's, that he was looking for something really long, around 500mm or so, and the Man at the store recommended the 70-350mm Adaptall with tele-Converter, as the best value lens option, for shooting wild life. He said they were having an adaptall sale at the time and he also purchased a 80-210mm.

    I just wish I could find a nice 1.4x to purchase because the lens is already slow without a 2x converter.
  20. RDM

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    I tried to take some shots of the Full moon earlier this month using my 70-350mm Adaptall lens and tried to use the Adaptall 2x converter, but there was too much fog on the inner elements of the 2x converter for it to be usable. Not sure that can be fixed.
    I was not pleased with the shots I did take using the 350 lens alone. There was a lot of magenta fringing around the moon, so I converter the photos to B&W in LR3; also I felt that the lens was too soft, even at F11. I sharpened the photos much more than I am usually comfortable with in PP too.
    Full_Moon-October 19, 2013.jpg
    I also cropped this a bit, but it still is not very good.
    I hope that I can take a good moon shot someday.